Why do we have to wear football socks to play foot

Many people think that football socks are not as important as sneakers. Football shoes of various colors, various styles, and various functions will make you dazzled when buying. Compared with the socks we usually wear, football socks are like "extended cotton socks". Most people think that it is enough to put on a pair of socks just to play a ball, there is no need to wear professional custom football socks. But really don't underestimate the role of football socks, wearing football socks to play games is indeed a lot of benefits.

Why are there football socks?

The first time you wear football socks, you will definitely feel very tight and very difficult to wear. This is because when designing football socks, the biggest purpose was to fix the leg guards on the front side of the calf. In addition, the current football field is usually divided into a natural turf field and an artificial turf field. However, many decades ago, the playing field basically used natural grass, so long football socks can prevent mosquito bites.

Without wearing football socks, the harm is really great!

If do not wear football socks during the game, the player's calf muscles cannot be tightened, and it is very easy to get a strain. The frequency of scrambling in football matches is very high. If there is no protection of football socks, the calf and the ground will be violently rubbed, and it is easy to be cut. Minor injuries result in bleeding, serious injuries can cause bacterial infections. Now there is even a kind of custom socks used to add foot protectors, specifically to prevent the opponents from stepping on. The position of the football socks at the bottom of the foot is generally thickened. In this way, blisters are less likely to occur when the bottom of the foot is rubbing against the sole of the shoe during rapid rotation, sudden stop, speed change and direction change.

What other roles does football socks have?

1.Football socks are usually made of cotton, so a thick layer of socks is wrapped around their calves, which can play a huge role in heat preservation during outdoor training games in winter.

2.For the referees in football games, the different colors and the eye-catching football socks are also convenient for distinguishing players on the field, which helps their law enforcement work.

3.Absorbing sweat, a lot of sweat will be removed from the body during intense exercise. In order to keep the feet comfortable, the football socks will absorb a lot of foot sweat.

The development of football socks today has long been not limited to use in football field. Girls wearing all kinds of personalized football socks (mostly black and white) have already become a beautiful scenery on the street. Many girls with beautiful legs are very fond of personalized football socks, which are just over the knee and have a beautiful stripe. When paired with a mini skirt, they will make them dynamic and show their youthful spirit!