Why choose professional tennis socks

Tennis socks, as the name suggests, are professional socks worn during tennis. Professional tennis socks are still very different from ordinary cotton socks. Because tennis requires emergency stop and quick turn, and jumping and other movement characteristics, the requirements on the toes, arches and heels are relatively high, so tennis socks are more than ordinary. In addition to the thick cotton socks, the above three parts have also been thickened. This can protect the toes of good people from excessive squeezing and tingling during special movements.

There are many amateur players who often complain about the newly purchased sneakers and think that they are slippery and unfit. In fact, this is not a problem with sneakers. Generally, cotton socks are thin and cannot be filled with tennis shoes, so that the function of tennis shoes cannot be fully exerted. Custom professional tennis socks are relatively thick, so that your footsteps will not be squeezed too much during emergency stops, and away from blisters and calluses. After wearing a good custom tennis sock, it feels like stepping barefoot on the carpet, it has a certain elasticity, and it is not easy to slip.

When buying tennis equipment, many people overlook the importance of socks. Tennis is a sport that has high requirements for horizontal and vertical movements. The protection of socks on the feet is particularly important. Some tennis experts suggest that it is best to wear two pairs of socks when playing, especially men's players. Many tennis stars do the same. Because no matter how good the shoes can't be completely consistent with the shape of the feet, the gap between the shoes and the feet should be supplemented with cotton socks. The thick tennis socks will fully protect your soles, toes and fragile Achilles tendon, and can also fill up the extra space of the shoes to improve the comfort under the feet.

American tennis experts list three functions of tennis socks:

  1. Tennis socks can fill the gap between the feet and the shoes, bringing a more comfortable foot feeling.
  2. Thickened tennis socks will reduce the pressure of movement on the footsteps, and at the same time can be non-slip.
  3. Compared with general cotton socks, professional tennis socks have better sweat absorption and heat dissipation effects.

Some tennis fans believe that pure cotton socks are the best because of their strong sweat absorption, good texture and comfortable wearing. Yes, cotton socks have the above advantages, but there is also a weakness that cannot be ignored: after washing, it will become harder. The more washing times, the harder the socks.

In fact, customized good sports socks should not only ensure good moisture absorption and perspiration, but also keep the feet dry immediately, but also be able to quickly evaporate the absorbed moisture.

High-quality sports socks are not composed of a single material. Normally, cotton accounts for 85%, which can ensure super high efficiency of moisture absorption. The remaining 15% is polyester fiber. Blended nylon and spandex can absorb the absorbed moisture. The gas evaporates quickly. In addition, high-quality sports socks can tightly wrap the foot and perfectly integrate with the foot, reducing the chance of injury.

A good pair of socks can not only prevent slip, absorb sweat, and deodorize, but also have functional protection, adding cushioning and ankle protection. Therefore, choosing socks is not a very casual thing. It is better to spend more money to buy or customize professional tennis socks if possible.