Why choose custom basketball socks

Basketball, was born in the United States on December 21, 1891.Basketball is the core event of the Olympic Games. It is an antagonistic physical sport centered on the hands. It is also a popular sport nowadays.No matter children or teenagers or adults like to play basketball, basketball is easy to do, fun is very strong, can be different according to people, according to the place, according to the time, according to the need.Through the transformation of a variety of activities, basketball more convenient and attract people to participate in, in order to achieve the purpose of active body and mind, fitness strong body.

Besides playing basketball, people are also keen to watch basketball games and cheer for their favorite basketball stars.In the ball game, you can enjoy the skilful dribbling, clever passing, accurate shooting, clever stealing, wonderful dunking and surprising blocking, plus attack and defense staggered, against the change, so that the two sides of the game wits and brave, dramatic changes in the situation of the court.It can make participants and viewers get psychological satisfaction and pleasure.

"The socks are the first line of defence, the feet are the most important part of the game, you have to take care of them." I believe many friends who like basketball are not only interested in basketball, sneakers, but also have some understanding of basketball socks. Basketball socks compared with ordinary socks, the most representative difference is that the soles of the feet are not slippery, wearing basketball socks when playing at least more safe. When playing basketball, it is best to wear basketball socks, which will not affect playing. If you wear ordinary socks, the sole of your feet will be uncomfortable, which may reduce the fun of playing basketball.


The difference between custom basketball elite socks and ordinary socks

1, Custom basketball socks and ordinary socks wrapping force is different, basketball socks wear on the foot has obvious covering and tightening feeling, so shoes and socks more with the foot, more not prone to wrinkle effect foot feeling. While ordinary socks will not pay attention to the wrapping force, it is more inclined to the general public wear a little loose.

2, Custom basketball socks and ordinary socks every detail level, and integrated into the movement characteristics of different levels, different sports sole action urgent transformation to quite a lot, so basketball socks for foot protection performance is high, the basketball player's relationship with their shoes has a unique, bring comfort, protection and grip for socks, etc., players usually have many requirements. And ordinary socks won't notice in athletic respect, it pays attention to the comfortable sex at sole.

3, Custom basketball socks and ordinary socks knitting process, sewing process, raw materials, etc., wear resistance is the most realistic characteristics of basketball hosiery and knitting hosiery process most directly highlight a large part of the thin thick socks.Ordinary socks in the processing will not be inclined to wear resistance.

4,Custom basketball elite socks are worn for playing, the most important is to have shock absorption, sweat absorption and other effects.The difference with ordinary socks is more thicker! More expensive! As for the double thickness, it can better protect the delicate feet of basketball fans, so that you can reduce more discomfort in the process of exercise. Still have a bit, elite socks appearance has a characteristic quite and special design, can attract eyeball.


Custom basketball socks with the sizes you can choose:

Normally, the length of a custom basketball sock is crew. This is the most popular basketball sock length. Of course, you can customize different lengths to suit your own needs.

Custom basketball socks with the materials you can choose:

Cotton、Polyester、Spandex、Elastic、Acrylic、Wool and so on

Nylon /Spandex/Elastic is the most widely used material in basketball socks. Usually the socks are made of several materials. In order to maker the socks more flexible, sweat absorbent, or cooler.

Custom basketball socks with the colors you can choose:

We have 1000+ available cotton and +1000 nylon yarn in stock to match Pantone colors. For customization, please provide Pantone color that you want.


If have other detailed requirements, you can send them to our contact email. If you would like to custom basketball for yourself or your sport team, or custom some good quality basketball elite socks to sale. Please feel free to contact us.