Wholesale White Socks, White Socks Wear Skills

Many people always wear white socks badly. They feel that white socks are not easy to match and not fashionable enough. They often do not choose white socks when wholesale or custom socks. This article tells you how to wear white socks, making wholesale white socks your next choice.

White shoes and white socks

Whitening over white is the easiest basic skill to get started. A pair of brand-new white socks and white shoes will firmly attract people's visual focus, and immediately exude a good image of love and cleanliness. At the same time, this way of wearing allows the white to extend from the soles of the feet to the ankles and calves, which greatly elongates the leg lines and extends the visual proportions. Simply put, it shows the length of the legs.

Black shoes and white socks

Black and white are used in the color harmony of the overall shape and act as a lubricant, which is very harmonious.
The upper body is white + black, and the lower body is white socks + black canvas shoes. The whole body echoes the match. If you use the method of color collision and mix and match, the strong collision between different colors will easily produce a sense of division, and the entire portrait will be cut by the color block. At this time, a pair of white socks can play a natural transition role.

(1) Slippers + white socks

Stepping on slippers to go shopping is a very popular way to wear in the summer of the past two years, and is deeply loved by the people. And wearing slippers with bare feet sometimes seems too casual. If you want to take the shape of slippers to a higher level, you need white socks. Compared with bare feet, after putting on socks, you can not only hide everyone's weird toes but also protect your foot hygiene, so that people will not look offensive. When wearing white socks and slippers, be sure to expose the socks intact. Don't tuck into the trousers, this is taboo.

(2) Leather shoes + white socks

This magical combination of white socks and black leather shoes must be used with caution in daily life. The combination of formal wear + shorts is unique, and you can control the combination of shoes and white socks. The white socks here recommend long white socks. An obvious advantage of long white socks is that they can not only modify the shape of the legs but also cover the leg hair.

After reading the above introduction, do you have mastered the skills of how to wear white socks? Don't hurry up to wholesale white socks and try them on.

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