Wholesale Sock Companies | Importance of Socks

Do many people wonder what is the importance of socks? Why are there wholesale sock companies? This article tells you why.

Why are there wholesale sock companies? Because there is demand, there is supply, and because some people buy socks in bulk, there are wholesale sock companies. The existence of wholesale sock companies allows consumers to buy the goods they want at a price they can accept for mutual benefit.

Wholesale sock companies can purchase and configure a variety of socks efficiently through extensive contact with different socks manufacturers; quickly supply socks to retailers and manufacturers to improve customer procurement efficiency.

The existence of wholesale sock companies reduces the storage costs and risks of manufacturers and retailers, can quickly deliver goods, and provide related transportation service guarantees.

Now let’s discuss another question, why do we need socks?

1. Protect your feet from the cold

In terms of human body structure, the feet are the farthest from the heart, and the blood supply is relatively poor. In addition, the feet have a thin fat layer and poor ability to keep cold, so they are easy to catch a cold. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that if the soles of the feet are cold, diseases such as the respiratory and digestive systems, such as colds and chronic diarrhea, may occur. Women may have menstrual disorders, such as dysmenorrhea and amenorrhea. At this time, socks can play an important role in protecting the feet from the cold.

2. Prevent foot fungal infections

Human feet sweat easily. When not wearing socks, the soles of the feet directly touch the shoes, so that the skin of the soles of the feet will be soaked in sweat, leading to the formation of an environment suitable for fungal growth, which may easily cause fungal infections of the feet.

3. Helps sleep

When a person enters a sleep state, the central nervous system distributes the heat from the core of the body to the hands and feet. Wearing socks will accelerate the heat transfer and help promote the secretion and release of sleep hormones.

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