Wholesale Kids Socks | Wholesale Precautions

Kids are not like us, adults who can clearly state their needs, so we must be very careful when choosing socks for kids. Wholesale kid's socks can save costs, but there are many things that need to be paid attention to in wholesale kids socks. This article describes what you should pay attention to in wholesale kids socks so that you can wholesale to rest assured kids socks while saving costs.

Wholesale kids socks-socks can not have the thread

When kids wear socks, their toes are often entangled by the thread of the socks, causing poor blood circulation, leading to ischemia and necrosis of the toes. So pay attention to whether the socks have too much thread when wholesale kids socks, don't buy too much. Even if the sock has few threads, cut off all the threads.

Wholesale kids socks-socks cannot be too thick

Many mothers think that it is better to wear thick socks in the cold winter, and then wholesale a lot of thick kids' socks. In fact, this is not the case, because kids are in a period of vigorous physical development and have a high basal metabolic rate, but the feet are where the sweat glands are most dense. Therefore, kids will sweat more after strenuous exercise and walking for a long time. Even in winter, kids’ socks are wet.

Thick socks are not breathable and will only increase the sweat of the feet. Kids may get beriberi or foot infections on their feet. If they do not perspire in time in winter, they may also develop frostbite. Kids have strong firepower. As long as it is not in an icy and snowy environment, a piece of cotton socks of moderate thickness is sufficient to meet TA's basic warmth requirements. Especially the feet, ankles, and socks. Too thick will affect the ankle movement, and easily cause pressure on the baby's feet and legs, affecting blood circulation.

Wholesale kids socks-socks, not too tight

Kids’ feet are different from adults'. They have short ankles and stubby calves. Therefore, too tight socks and too long socks will restrain kids' ankles and calves, affecting activity and blood circulation. Choose socks for kids with a wider mouth and moderate tightness. It is advisable to stretch the sleeves at the ankles of the baby to extend into the adult's two fingers without squeezing the flesh.

Socks should fit your feet. According to the kids’ age and the size of their feet, buy socks of the right size to avoid too big or too small socks affecting the development of kids’ feet.

Wholesale kids socks-cotton is the first choice for socks

The first choice for socks is pure cotton. Don't choose socks made of acrylic, nylon, or wool. Pure cotton socks have good warmth, good elasticity, and comfortable texture. They are the best choice for kids.

Don't wear acrylic or nylon socks for kids because they are not breathable and do not absorb sweat. After kids sweat on their feet, they are not only smelly but also easy to slip. Woolen socks are very tight, irritating kids’ delicate skin, and easily trigger allergies. The socks are made of pure cotton thread. The pure cotton socks have good air permeability. Although the nylon socks look good, they do not absorb sweat, which affects the breathability of the skin of the kids' feet.

Wholesale kids socks-socks should be wholesale in light colors as much as possible

The socks should be light-toned as much as possible. If the color is too dark, sweating on the soles of the kids' feet will cause the color blocks to fall off, and the chemicals in them will stimulate the delicate skin of the kids' feet. Fancy colors require more dyes, which contain harmful substances such as lead and formaldehyde, which are harmful to the growth and development of kids.

Wholesale kids socks-different types must have

Kids' socks include floor socks, boat socks, thin stockings, etc. You can choose according to your wearing environment. If you have carpets at home, you can buy floor socks for your children without wearing shoes.

The socks worn by kids need to be changed and cleaned frequently. Kids love to do activities and sweat a lot, especially in the hot summer, so kids’ socks must be changed frequently to avoid bacterial growth. In addition, the socks need to be changed after being worn for a period of time. Especially when it is found that the kids’ socks are not elastic, the heel is thinning, there are holes, or there are strangulations after putting them on, you must change new socks for kids in time. So this time is very suitable for wholesale kids' socks.

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