Wholesale Custom Printed Socks For Children

What are children's printed socks?

Custom printed socks are toddler socks whose patterns are made with printing technology. They are not only keeping warm to lessen the chance your babies catch a cold and help the baby to avoid bacterial infections caused by dust, dirt, and insect ant because of bare feet, which plays an important role in protecting babies’ cleanliness & health, but also they could attract babies’ attention with their colorful animals or personalized photos.
Custom baby print socks support the personalized sock patterns & multiple colors that parents want to show to their babies. These colorful patterns or styles can help babies to better touch and understand the world through color graphics.

Types of custom baby print socks

There are many printed socks for kids that we could choose from. Personal photo toddler socks support to be customized, which are loved by young parents who want to show some interesting patterns or photos to their children.
Custom photo socks for kids are also divided into many types according to different materials and types. Following are the main types for reference.

custom cat socksAccording to technology differences, Custom baby print socks are usually divided into two major categories
a. Custom Baby Sublimation Dress Socks
b. Custom Baby Sublimation Athletic Socks

According to materials difference, personalized children sublimation socks could be divided into:
a. Customized polyester kid sublimation socks
b. Customized combed cotton kid sublimation socks

According to needles counts, customized print children socks are divided into:
a. 120N customized print socks
b. 144N customized print socks
c. 176N customized print socks
d. 200N customized print socks

According to age ranges, following two main categories for personal pattern photo socks:
a. Youth/Teenager personal pattern photo socks
b. Kids personal pattern photo socks
c. Infant personal pattern photo socks

Besides the above classification, custom printing socks for kids also could be divided according to materials difference, sizes differences such as infant socks, kids socks, and children socks, etc.

Application of children printed socks

custom dog socksWholesale printed socks for toddlers could design any patterns and colors. Customized cotton socks will be a good gift such as printing animals and figures on the baby socks. Today, many parents prefer to put their lovely photos, animals, the scenery on the sublimation baby socks, which looks so cool and could help parents to accompany with baby via attracting their attention.

Custom printed socks online are suitable for a variety of different ball sports, and also suitable for custom-made special patterns. Parents or schools can customize the suitable printed baby socks according to the type of sports and sports groups. They are usually suitable for the following occasions:

a. Custom-made print gift kid socks
Customized Gift baby sublimation socks are designed for all kinds of activities such as school teams’ advertising campaigns with personalized logos, friends’ or classmates’ figures on the photo print socks as birthday surprised gifts, etc. The pets (cats, dogs, etc) and scenery also could be printed on the toddler socks, welcome to customize photo socks you want online.

b. All types of sport balls children print socks
Sport ball children sublimation socks can be used for a variety of ball games, such as basketball, football, baseball, rugby, badminton, etc, very suitable for school sports teams. And customized elite socks for kids can be designed with the school team's logo, slogans, teammates, and everything they want to display, it fully shows the sports team's spiritual outlook and also plays a good advertising effect.

How to select/design custom baby print socks

Not only the comfort of the children's socks but also the quality of the children's socks all need to be considered as they are important for babies’ health.

There is a huge number of custom dog/cat socks that could be chosen in the market. Following are some primary aspects of choosing designed toddler sublimation socks for reference:

custom pet socksMaterials:
Usually, there are Cotton/Nylon/Polyester/Acrylic/wool, etc materials for personalized sublimation baby socks, please pick the suitable materials you prefer.

The length will affect the prices of designed toddler print socks, please customize the sizes depending on the specific length you want.

Prices are usually based on the design, length, and materials of designed pattern baby print socks, You can consider giving your target price range to customer managers so that they could recommend a better solution for you.

Multiple colors are supported for each design, please give Pantone color numbers (PMS) to match the same/similar yarns from the factory’s yarn books.

Design formats:
PDF/AI/JPG/PNG/PSD/BMP etc format all support.

Other requirements:
If having any special requirements, please remark them too for your customer managers’ reference.

What do you need to notice for custom design baby sublimation socks:

a. Baby print sock types
Please make clearly the sock types you want to customize.

b. Baby print sock sizes
Please make sure the sock lengths you want.

c. Packages
Pls make clearly the packing methods, e.g tags, wraps or gift boxes, etc if having special packing requirements.

YINUO - A reliable custom printed socks supplier

It is so principal to choose a reliable supplier to customize print socks for the children. YINUO is a professional socks manufacturer for custom sublimation socks, with 9+ years of customized experience & more than 100,000 custom designs for overseas markets.

Our sock types are ranged widely, here not only you can do the common socks such as athletic socks, performance socks, sublimation socks, baby socks, printed socks, etc, but also some special socks such as tight socks, fuzzy socks, twisted socks, glass-silk socks, etc. All the socks you want are in one factory to accomplish.

For each custom sock inquiry, we will have a professional customer manager serve you and do the specific custom sock solution according to your detailed requirements.

Besides these, our following advantages for your reference:
Small Minimum----- 100 pairs per design/size/color for Custom dress socks
Shorter turnaround time-----3~7 days for sampling, 2~3 weeks for production.
Colors------1000+ in-stock yarn colors & custom dyeing, usually match 4~5 PMS colors.
Technology-----84, 96, 120, 144, 168, 176, 200needle machine and printing machine available.
Packaging------ Custom design packaging (label, tag, gift box, etc.)
Shipping — DHL, UPS, FedEx 2 days urgent and 7 days economic service.

Welcome to inquiry for custom sock wholesalers, distributors, retailers, etc.

Wholesale Custom Printed Socks For Children
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Wholesale Custom Printed Socks For Children
Custom printed socks for kids, custom dog/cat socks could be chosen as personalized gifts for babies. You also can wholesale printed socks with school team's logo, slogans, teammates and everything they want to display...
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