What should we pay attention to when choosing socks

Everyone says the second heart of the feet. For the health of your feet, a good pair of socks may be just as important as a good pair of shoes. Choosing a pair of personalized socks will make you look radiant. If the following three situations occur, your socks should be eliminated:

  1. Lost elasticity. Socks lose their elasticity, which will increase the friction with their feet. They will not heel when walking or exercising. If they sweat, they will feel slippery and easily injured.
  2. Heel is thin and has holes. Socks will inevitably become thinner over time, which can also cause heel injuries or blistering.
  3. Uncomfortable to wear. Your feet are tight. Itching, obvious marks and other discomforts indicate that the socks are not suitable.

How to buy the right socks?

  1. First of all, when choosing socks, we must pay attention to whether they fit properly, and we need to know the size of shoes we usually wear.
  2. Secondly, it depends on the tightness of the sock's cuffs, foot, soles, and heels. The principle of the above four parts is called "two tights, one loose and one big".
  3. When buying socks, pay attention to the material of the socks. Especially for those who like to sweat on their feet, they need to choose cotton and linen or bamboo fiber that are easy to breathe and do not cover their feet.
  4. When choosing socks, pay attention to seasonality, and choose the thickness of the socks according to different seasons, your environment and temperature.
  5. When choosing the color of socks, pay attention to the occasions, such as attending business negotiations, interviews, seminars and other major formal occasions. After sitting down, formal trousers will reveal the color of the socks, and people who know certain etiquette that in this situation, dark colors, especially black socks, are the most suitable. Therefore, it is better to choose dark and black socks in the workplace and office environment, as long as you coordinate with shoes and clothes in life and leisure.
  6. When choosing socks, you also need to choose socks according to the shoe type. Working ladies choose stockings and silk stockings when they go out, and choose invisible socks according to their needs in summer.
  7. Choose low-rise socks when you choose to wear light-colored canvas shoes in life.
  8. In autumn and winter, you need to choose high waist socks, which not only protects the ankle joint, but also fixes the trousers of autumn pants and warm pants.

Don't look at the small socks, but it is not easy to buy a suitable pair. In this regard, the socks expert group made the following recommendations:

1.Try not to choose wool socks. Socks made of this material do not absorb sweat well, and they can easily put your feet in a wet state and cause blisters. Under normal circumstances, it is best to choose cotton socks, but if you go for exercise, it is recommended to buy corduroy socks, sweat absorption effect is better.

  1. Fitting and size are very important. The socks should fit perfectly and should not be too tight or too loose. Socks that are too large can cause extra friction and damage the skin on the feet.
  2. Pay attention to fiber density. When buying socks, you should pay attention to the fiber density of the socks. Fiber socks with too loose fiber density are not recommended.

In addition, each person should also prepare a few pairs of high-quality socks such as toe socks. While wearing comfortably, it can also prevent the occurrence of foot diseases.

Finally, you can also choose custom socks. Customized socks are not only very personal, but also can meet your needs in terms of color, pattern, size, texture, function, etc. according to the actual situation.

Of course, understanding the ingredients is only a small part of choosing good socks of socks. Socks with different designs in different styles and seasons will vary in length, thickness, texture, and feel due to differences in style, materials, and workmanship. This is normal. Sock design, sock production technology, weaving, workmanship, etc. are also the main reference scalars of good socks.