What Kind of Socks do You Wear in the Summer?

Summer is hot, it is easy to sweat and oil, so what kind of socks do you wear in the summer? When wearing socks in summer, you should choose comfortable and breathable material. Do you know what material is the most comfortable to wear in summer? Pure cotton? Wool? Hemp material? Today we're going to talk about summer socks.

What kind of socks does summer suit to wear?

Choose a couple of comfortable, breathable socks, which is a need that is people easy to overlook but essential in summer. Although the socks are small, it is not easy to buy a pair of suitable ones. What kind of socks do you wear in summer?

1.Avoid wool socks

First of all, we should choose fewer wool socks. Wool this kind of socks suck sweat effect is not good, easy to make the feet in wet state, causing blisters. Under normal circumstances, it is best to choose cotton socks, but if you go to sports, it is recommended to buy corduroy socks material, absorption effect is better.

2.Cotton socks are a good choice

Pure cotton socks are the best choice for daily wear. 100% cotton is not usually used to make socks for outdoor activities. Cotton absorbs sweat and does not dry easily. Once the fabric is wet, it has no temperature insulation and is uncomfortable, leading to blisters on the feet.

100% cotton socks do not exist! The fact that a sock is elastic means that its components contain other materials. Such as spandex, dacron, nylon, and so on. The main function of spandex is to increase elasticity. It has high ductility and an elastic recovery rate. Because this adjoins the sock that has spandex to be able to have flexibility, not easy shrink.

Nylon and polyester have high strength and wear resistance, and socks with these ingredients are more durable. Contain cotton content to be in the sock of 80% or so to be able to call completely cotton socks. Socks cannot be said to be 100% cotton because socks must contain auxiliary ingredients so that socks will have good air permeability, wear resistance, sweat absorption.

When choosing socks, be careful to distinguish between man-made fibers, which tend to feel slippery, and cotton, which tends to feel rough. Pull open socks to observe the surface, there are no brown spots or relatively few, it is combed cotton. General cotton socks will be appropriate to add acrylic, to increase the flexibility of socks, cotton more acrylic fewer socks, soft, good moisture absorption, wearing will be more comfortable.

3.Hemp socks are best

In fact, for all-natural materials, the permeability of hemp is the best. Hemp has a natural antibacterial and antibacterial function, moisture absorption and sweat performance than cotton and chemical fiber are superior, so give a person a "dry" and "cool" feeling. But the socks with hemp 55% above are still rare in China.

Rules for choosing socks in summer

1.Choose stretchy socks

Socks have good elasticity. A good stretch sock will not slip easily. Inferior socks will be deformed after washing, and the fiber will be agglomerated, leading to uneven parts, and people will feel foot grinding in sports. When buying socks, look at whether the elastic fiber of socks ribbit has broken, if there is, absolutely cannot buy.

2.You need to choose the right socks for your foot

Also, fit and fit are very important. Socks should fit perfectly, not be too tight or loose. When socks are too large, the extra fiber can increase friction and damage the skin on the feet. When buying socks, should pay attention to sock fiber density, too loose is not recommended to buy. In addition, each person should have several pairs of high-quality socks, such as socks with separate toes and bow-straps.

3.Those with athlete's foot can choose five-finger socks

To the friend that appears a few beriberi symptoms, suggest everybody chooses to be able to separate toe five-finger socks, such on the one hand can reduce the probability of fungus infection, also be helpful for the dry of the toe and ventilated on the other hand.

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