What are Baby Socks and Their Functions?

Baby socks, as the name suggests, must be socks for babies.

Newborn babies have very delicate skin on their feet, and the body temperature regulation function is not yet fully developed and mature and has not yet fully adapted to the outside climate, so it is easy to catch a cold. Therefore, it is particularly important to wear comfortable socks for babies. However, the baby socks market today is full of fish and dragons, and socks with various materials and designs are flooded. Moms need to polish their eyes and recognize which ones are qualified baby socks. Not only the comfort of the socks but also the quality of the socks is very important for the health of the baby.

The way to distinguish the quality of baby cotton socks

1. Material: the difference between cotton and chemical fiber
2. Anti-skid particles at the bottom of the sock: the genuine quality is good, the particles are clearly clear; the imitation version is poor, and the particles are sticky.
3. Color: Produced by regular manufacturers, it adopts Shihlin color or reactive color which is harmless to the human body, so the genuine color is very comfortable and positive. Smaller production workshops often use cheap direct dyes for dyeing, imitating real objects, and the colors are rich and uncomfortable.
4. The genuine feel is thicker and the material is more comfortable; the imitation version feels relatively thin, the material is smooth but blunt.

Socks for baby

1. Non-slip socks: The bottom of the socks has soft rubber graphics to prevent the baby from falling when running and jumping. It should be noted that non-slip socks are external socks, try not to wear them in the shoes.

Note: In urban homes, the general family living room and children's room are dominated by wooden floors. Adults put on slippers, and little babies can't effectively "control" slippers, the best way is not to let babies wear slippers, just put on non-slip socks suitable for the season.

It is recommended that families with babies do not install stone floors. The stone floor is easy to slip, causing the baby to fall; and the quality is cold, the baby is easy to catch a cold. The stone-paved home makes it necessary for the baby to move on the balcony of the kitchen and bathroom. The remedy is to wear a pair of soft-bottom overshoes for the baby (note that the bottom is non-slip), but not slippers.

Note: Ordinary socks should be worn when wearing soft bottoms. Floor wool and assembled foam pads help prevent slip.

2. Thin cotton socks: suitable for babies to wear in summer, the color should not be too dark. Do not use non-breathable nylon socks and socks with antiperspirant and deodorant.

Note: It is strictly forbidden to choose socks (including such shoes and insoles) that are antiperspirant and deodorant for the baby, and replace it with daily cleaning. Various spraying agents are also not available.

3. Pure cotton socks: used in spring and autumn. Thicker and denser than thin cotton socks. Please do not buy socks sold on the ground or in unreliable stores. They are often mixed with poor quality cotton or a large amount of acrylic. Please buy genuine products with 100% or more than 90% pure cotton texture.

4. Wool socks/cashmere socks: baby winter socks, preferably pure wool/cashmere texture. However, it is not advisable to wear acrylic high-elastic pantyhose to the baby, which is easy to stimulate the baby's skin and is not tight enough to breathe.

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