Wear the right socks then talk about temperament

When it comes to socks, many people think of mysterious and sexy black silk stockings. But today I want to talk with you, how to choose a pair of suitable and personalized socks for men, so that your charm index of fashion dress soars!

First step, discard!

Why doesn’t a well-fitting suit, bright tie, and pocket-handkerchief always look good enough? That’s right, you are still wearing those monotonous black and white gray plain socks!

The second step, select!

After the boring black and white ash is cleaned up, some bright colors and interesting patterns are add, and the eye-catching small area design makes the overall shape alive.

Recommendation one: Fun print in black and white

Even if you don’t have the courage to choose too bright colors, I definitely recommend it, that is pick a pair of socks with interesting black and white printing patterns!

Recommendation two: Colored stripes

Such personalized socks are suitable for both casual and sports. Bright colors with white stripes look vibrant; dark colors with black make people look mature and steady. It must be said that striped socks are definitely the representative of personalized men's socks.

Recommendation three: Cute Polka Dot

The round dots always make people think of the word “cute”, so you gentlemen start to hesitate. Do you really want to choose a pair of dots? “Yes!” I answer you firmly! It is precisely because of the cute nature of Polka Dot that whether it is paired with casual clothes or formal clothes, it can always make the overall look add a bit of fun. The charm of a gentleman is not only handsome, but also elegant and interesting.

Recommendation four: Eye-catching diamond

If the diamond shape that can be changed in shape and the colors can be mixed and matched is called Variety King, there should be no objection! I highly recommend gentlemen here, be sure to add a “Diamond” for your socks army!

Recommendation five: Mix and match geometric models

Random mix and match of geometric figures and lines always surprises the socks world! Are you afraid of being drowned in the crowd with a few pairs of geometric socks? Just want to say, don’t be kidding!

The third step: Wear it!

After choosing for so long, it’s finally time to put on these socks and make a debut! So the question is, how to wear these outfits so that they don’t look strange? Please see “Three rules of wearing Socks”!

Dress rule 1: Consistency

Choose socks that match the hue or style of the inside clothes, tie, watch, etc. This safe selection method is eye-catching but not obtrusive at the same time.

Dress rule 2: Contrast

Proper contrast selection is definitely a good way for girls to see you at a glance in the crowd. Often used in red and green classics, if the proportion and hue of the two colors are not well grasped, it will be a terrible thing. Here, we must remind gentlemen that you should be cautious when wearing contrasting!

Dress rule 3: Mixed

If you think that the classic color matching with red and green is still not enough for you! No problem, then try mixing and matching! Asymmetric design has always been the most beautiful imperfection that nature has given human beings. If you have the courage to choose this way of wearing, you can definitely be called a “warrior”!