Types of socks

Socks are classified according to raw materials: cotton yarn socks, wool socks, stockings and various chemical fiber socks, etc.; according to shape: boat socks, short socks, tube socks, knee socks / over-knee socks, stockings, two-toed socks , Five-toed socks, etc. According to the cuff of socks: household socks, cuffs socks and rubber socks; according to the use of objects: male socks, female socks, children's socks, elderly socks. The following is an explanation for everyone according to the sock shape classification, so that everyone can have a deeper understanding of the type of socks.


Boat socks are very short socks, so short that the socks cannot be seen after wearing the shoes (or only see the the edges of the socks). The name "boat socks" is because the shape of the socks is like a boat and the length is as much as the ankle, so also known as "ankle socks", "ship-shaped socks", "ultra-short socks", it called "invisible socks" in Taiwan. Boat socks are generally divided into three types: ultra-light models wearing high heels or single shoes, medium-shallow models wearing peas shoes, and low-shallow models wearing sports shoes.

Short socks are socks with a length up to the ankle. They wrap the whole or half of the ankle when worn, reducing the friction between the foot and the shoe, keeping the foot warm, and absorbing foot sweat. Socks are suitable for shoes that cover the entire ankle, such as sports shoes, boots, and leather shoes.

Medium tube socks are socks with a length of 5 to 10cm above the ankle. They are longer than short socks, which keeps the temperature of the feet better and absorbs sweat from the feet. Most of the tube socks are paired with high-top shoes, such as high-top sneakers, short boots, short tube leather shoes, etc. With the increase of the style of the tube socks, as a popular match, more and more occasions are worn.

High stockings are socks with a length of 10 to 20cm above the ankle. They are longer than medium tube socks, probably to the calf position, mainly for better warmth and leg protection. They are often worn in autumn and winter.

Knee-length socks are a kind of socks that reach or fall below the knee, and are standard equipment for school uniforms in many areas. A few schools stipulate that most cotton medium tube socks are matched with student uniforms, mainly in dark colors (such as black and dark blue) and white, depending on school regulations or school style.

Over-the-knee socks are socks between the knee and the thigh. Over-the-knee socks are a common item in retro style and Japanese dressing. If your calf is too thick, it is best not to choose stockings, which will expose leg defects. Due to the prevalence of retro style, over-the-knee socks have become a popular trend. Mix and match in early autumn, over-the-knee socks can not be ignored.

Five-toed socks are a type of socks. They are personalized socks. Each toe is designed to fit individually on the toes. Each toe is separated after wearing. Five-toe socks are also called five-finger socks and toe socks. The most powerful part of the five-toe socks is its thermal insulation effect. According to the experiment, the temperature of the feet wearing five-toed socks and the feet wearing ordinary socks are completely different after a whole day; and the separation of the toes is helpful for health and can prevent bacterial infection. People with more sweaty feet wear five-toed socks, socks can absorb foot sweat from the toes. Instead of staying between the toes and toes.

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