Types of Silk Stockings

Silk stockings are a kind of clothing supplies, wear more for women. Most of them are connected, and there are skin colors, black, white, and other colors. Silk stockings, first developed in the 15th century, can be used to modify the legs, keep warm, prevent edema, prevent sun and sweat.

The migration of the mass aesthetic history presented by silk stockings reflects the exploring spirit of people who are not trapped by limitations in historical development. Silk stockings can be used to modify the legs, keep warm, prevent edema, prevent sun sweating.

A few small blemishes of the leg ministry and blemish can be covered by silk stockings, additional silk stockings are soft, smooth can increase the aesthetic feeling of the leg, put on silk stockings can give a person a solemn, beautiful, decorous feeling.

Types of silk stockings

1. Categorize by color

There are white, flesh color, gray, black, coffee color, green, Tibetan color, pink, yellow, purple, blue, brown, light blue, and so on.

2. Categorize by length

Ankle Socks: Socks that reach the ankle.

Mid-calf Stockings: Socks that reach below the knee.

Stocking: it refers to the stocking that can be worn to the thigh root, and it is used with the garter belt in the elastic condition of the stocking mouth.

Knee-high socks: only up to the knee, usually at the elastic top, without garters.

Pantyhose: Pantyhose and hose are one and waist-high.

Tight Stockings: a stocking that is suspended by a belt from the bottom up to the crotch but from the waistband at the crotch.

According to the wearing form, it is divided into one is press and hold type, the other is wear type.

3.Categorize by function

Business silk stockings: silk stockings of appropriate thinness, specially designed for durability, wearability, and non-damagability.

Beauty form silk stockings: pantyhose stockings, in the waist made of nylon, to achieve the effect of body model waist.

Evening silk stockings: Usually 10 to 15 Dan thick(a unit of account for sock fiber), usually with a satin sheen, worn on special occasions.

Thin silk stockings throughout the body: Pantyhose, without obvious lines or thickening, are as thin from the foot to the waist, ideal for hot weather.

4.Classification by material

Nylon silk stockings: high strength, better wear resistance, better elasticity.

Common nylon silk stockings: early silk stockings products, the biggest defect is poor elasticity, low transparency.

Cored silk stockings: refers to the spandex cored silk formed by wrapping or winding nylon silk on spandex silk. In addition to having the soft property of nylon silk, it has the advantage of high elasticity of spandex. It has high transparency and excellent elasticity, which overcomes the defects of nylon silk and crystal silk.

Velvet silk stockings: the raw materials are all made of one-way or two-way core-covered yarn, the knitted socks have high elasticity, high durability, and wear-resisting degree, and keep warm. Compared with the core silk, transparency slightly, but the elasticity is much higher, not only feel better, but the warmth also increased a lot.

Ultra-thin velvet silk stockings: made of high-tech superfine fiber with full elasticity, which is lighter than hair, with good air permeability.
Combed cotton: it is used in the processing of cotton fiber to comb the fiber and remove all kinds of impurities almost completely. This cotton fabric will feel better.

Mercerizing cotton: it refers to the mercerizing process of the raw cotton fiber in the concentrated alkali solution under certain tension conditions. Under the premise that the properties of the cotton fiber after mercerizing do not change, compared with the raw cotton fiber, the mercerized cotton fiber has the advantages of better luster, more comfortable hand feel, and less wrinkle.

Crystal silk: had a very big enhancement on diaphaneity, make the color of filar socks no longer inflexible, but the defect with poor flexibility did not get ameliorative, and feel is coarser.

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