Types and Materials of Custom Mid-Calf Socks

The mid-calf socks that go up to or below the knee, are a type of sock. It is the standard equipment of school uniform of many areas. As the name suggests, it is about mid-calf (between stocking and sock, shorter than knee-length socks, shorter than knee-length socks, shorter than knee-length socks, shorter than hose) and is worn over half of the calf, mostly made of cotton or nylon.

Mid-calf socks are the standard equipment of school uniforms in many areas, a few school regulations do not distinguish between boys or girls with student uniforms are mostly cotton middle socks, to dark colors (such as black, dark blue) and white, depending on the popularity of school regulations.

Mid-calf socks can be used to improve the shape of the leg. A normal short dress will look good with boots, but if the weather turns hot, boots will be too hot to wear. So wearing black mid-calf socks is like wearing boots. On the other hand, it is to chase vogue, nowadays more popular knickers, this kind of trousers matches boot not quite appropriate, match shallow mouth shoe to expose the leg completely in the outside again appear bare, match mid-calf sock most appropriate so.

Mid-calf socks can be worn with trousers and skirts of different lengths. If you are working in an office environment, wear suit pants with skin tone or black mid-calf socks. Can keep comfortable below air conditioning environment already so, avoided the problem that shows sock side source again, notice etiquette. Make the whole dress elegant and decent, comfortable and generous. Likewise, mid-tube socks with a long skirt are a good choice.

According to technology differences, custom mid-calf socks usually divided into 3 major categories:
1.Custom mid-calf socks Dress Socks
Suitable for both business and casual wear
2.Custom mid-calf socks Athletic Socks
Suitable for doing different kinds of sports
3.Custom mid-calf socks 360 Degree Sublimation Socks
Unlike knitted socks, printed socks allow you to print the picture you want on the socks, which compensates for the pattern that can't be knitted.

According to the gender custom, mid-calf socks can be divided into:
1.Custom men’s mid-calf socks,
2.Custom women’s mid-calf socks
3.Custom children's mid-calf socks;

Common materials for custom mid-calf socks


Cotton is one of the best materials and is commonly used for socks as it is light in weight and absorbs moisture. The cotton fabric is washable and is quite durable as well. The biggest characteristic of cotton socks is soft, skin-friendly, and non-irritating. It's very comfortable to wear. Cotton socks absorb sweat and make you feel dry and comfortable in summer. In addition, pure cotton socks do not stink easily.


Nylon is widely used in sock making as the material is durable and is quite resistant. Nylon is ideal for making socks that undergo and a lot of stretching and pulling. Socks made of nylon are breathable and used to make athletic socks generally. Nylon socks also assimilate moisture when compared to socks made using fabrics other than cotton or wool. Even though nylon has so many advantages, it is not expensive. So nylon is also popular among people.

Custom mid-calf socks with the colors you can choose:
We have 1000+ available cotton and +1000 nylon yarn in stock to match Pantone colors. Usually, no more than 6 colors in a dress sock per design, and a maximum of 5 colors for an athletic sock per design. For customization, please provide the Pantone color that you want.

Customize mid-calf socks are very convenient online at present. YINUO is a professional socks manufacturer for custom socks, with 9+ years of customized experiences & more than 100,000 custom designs for overseas markets.

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