Types and Maintenance of Boat Socks

Boat socks are very short socks, so short that you can't see the socks or only the edges of the socks after wearing the shoes. The material is cotton, whole cotton not pure cotton. The name of "boat socks" is because the shape of the socks is like a boat. Because the length is up to the ankles, it is also called "ankle socks". In Taiwan, it is often called "invisible socks", because socks are usually not visible when wearing the shoes.

Origin of boat socks

Boat socks began to rise in the early 1980s when tennis outfits began. The classic style has two hairy balls in the ankle position, which became popular again in the mid-2000s, but has changed a lot of styles, mainly used to match skateboarding suits, followed by shorts or short skirts. Some girls wear invisible socks because they want to fully show the curve of the legs. The socks will look bad when exposed, so they usually wear invisible socks. It is usually worn during sports or in sports and leisure styles, usually with shorts or hot pants.
Boat socks originally originated in Japan and were used for barefoot wear in the house. They are popular all over the world. They are socks that open at the instep. After wearing, they look like a boat. Therefore, they are named "boat socks." There are many different styles of boat socks: jacquard, warp-knitted mesh cutting, and sewing, adding sponge pads, cuff lace, and so on.

Kind of boat socks

Boat socks include lace boat socks, cotton boat socks, Korean boat socks, invisible boat socks, etc.
Boat socks are a kind of socks, how can there be classification? But in fact, boat socks are also different. There is a boat sock (usually cotton). The sock covers the instep. In fact, this sock is not a boat sock in the strict sense. The authentic boat socks are generally silky, and sometimes cannot be seen when wearing princess shoes. There is also a kind of boat socks with only toes.
Boat socks can also be divided into full boat socks and suspender boat socks. Suspender boat socks will reveal the heel after wearing.

How to wear boat socks is correct

I believe that many people will encounter the situation that the boat socks always fall when wearing the boat socks, and they are very uncomfortable when walking.

1. Stick the socks and feet with tape, although it is a little uncomfortable, it will not fall off after a try!!!
2. Before buying boat socks, check if there is a non-slip tape on the sock mouth. If so, buy the socks with anti-slip tape.
3. You can also stick the socks and feet without tape, you can use double-sided tape to stick the socks and shoes so that the socks firmly adhere to them, and you can gently tear them when you take off your shoes.

Maintenance of boat socks

1. Pay special attention not to let jewelry and nails scratch the surface of boat socks when putting on or taking off socks.
2. In the dry season, prevent the heel from cracking, and prevent the cracked heel from scratching the socks.
3. Always check whether the inside of the shoe is flat to prevent debris from damaging the socks.
4. Wash with neutral detergent in warm water, do not wring out, use a dry towel to absorb excess water.
5. Dry naturally in a cool place.
6. Do not expose to sunlight.
7. Don't iron.

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