Tips for Wearing Fashionable Socks

Wearing colorful socks or socks with sandals has always been a sign of "unfashionable". But socks have become an essential fashion item since 2016. As long as socks match appropriately, regardless of men and women old and young can deduce a variety of styles and atmosphere.

Today we understand together to understand, can make the sock modeling of the fashionable vanguard.

For your first sock challenge, try black. Black socks go well with any style. Dark tonal collocation, give a person a dignified feeling, with bright color collocation, can send out an able charm. The temptation of "white socks", once synonymous with rustic charm, should not be underestimated.

The white socks and black shoes believed to be Michael Jackson's own are now easy to see. If you do not like ordinary style, recommend to everyone colorful socks. Inject vitality into a flat form. The first step in creating personalized color socks is to remember to start with "color matching." The socks that all sorts of color and length match in ordinariness dress up, also can complete the dress that has an individual character more.

How to choose the right socks to match?

If the socks match well, it can bring out the fashion side, but if you don’t want to try it out, you'll never know. So what kind of socks can become a fashion item?

Casual socks made of cotton with no pattern "Crew Streath"

Crew socks, to the middle of the ankle or knee. Length may vary from person to person, but there are a variety of styles that can evolve depending on how the shoe fits. According to color sense or design, it can be matched with various shoes such as sports shoes, leather shoes, military boots, etc., with a very high utilization rate. Knee-length stockings, which take up about half of the leg, can be an eye-catching fashion accessory. Arrive from the most basic design dot design, decorative pattern design, stripe design, the design that has a variety of designs, can give drab dress up add window. Because of its length, it is mainly worn with skirts that are above the knee.

Ankle socks

This is one of the most simple and widely used pieces. Whether it is a skirt or trousers, it is also a good item to wear with a dress, etc. As the bright spot of the whole dress up, its length somewhat is short. Accordingly, compare particularly conspicuous design, the sock that chooses to suit the whole atmosphere is better.

No show socks

One of the most popular fashion socks, boat socks are one of the most practical fashion socks you can wear in spring, summer, fall, except winter. It is recommended for those who want to look like they have no socks and want to highlight their shoes. Because the socks themselves are invisible, sneakers, leather shoes, flat shoes are a good choice.

Over-the-knee socks

Over-the-knee socks, socks that reach above the knee. Also known as "stockings", they are used mainly by women and children. Because it is long is a longer sock, suit to do an ornament from the color or design so. Can challenge a variety of colors or use mesh and perspective materials to create a unique style, mainly with miniskirts or hot pants.

Colorful socks

Colorful socks reminiscent of the rainbow are perfect as embellishments. Once trapped in the charm of colored socks, it is difficult to extricate themselves, so it is also the socks of enthusiasts. If you have a sense of fashion and feeling, you can try some charming colored socks.

A pattern sock with an argyle design

Although the pattern itself is gorgeous, it can be worn with a suit or dress depending on the color. Because decorative pattern socks themselves give a person a kind of classic and classic sense. Both men and women, young and old, are very popular socks. For dresses, wear colorful argyle socks and for simple suits, use black and white patterns as embellishes.

Loose socks

If ordinary socks are tight to the foot, baggy socks are different. Although it is knee-length, it looks loose on the whole. They are mainly socks worn by Japanese high school girls when they wear uniforms. But more recently, baggy socks have been replaced with appropriate pleats, which are perfect for everyday wear and are loved by everyone.

Rules for matching socks and shoes

If you're not ready for this, start with black socks. You can see it all around you and try out the sock style without any burden. Sock and shoe tonal choose the word that same color department coproduces without redundant feeling. Show cold color shoe tie-in when the sock of the same color department, also give a person warm sense.

In contrast, when choosing different colors for shoes and socks, bright socks with a clear contrast to any color are recommended. When challenging the socks with details, shoes also choose the luxuriant design, showing the presence of the foot to the top of one's heart, also be a kind of trend of fashionable style.

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