Tips for Matching Women’s Socks

Beginning of autumn already in the past, the weather turns gradually cool, socks become necessities, although this is just a small detail, it will affect the whole outfit, have the effect of dot eyeball, various colors and styles of socks on the market are uneven, only with good plus for overall modeling, then I'll tell you some tips about women socks match.

1. Plaid pants + stockings + loafer shoes

Plaid pants in autumn and winter more common sheet is tasted, the material is thick, a pair of loafer shoes can resist cold, personality charm, reflect the feeling of the girl's high cold aloof, want to depict the socks and not take plaid pants, and then choose the dark socks, wine red and autumn-winter season is very suitable, low-key and cool flavor, like the girls with a more androgynous style, can take it out.

2. High heels shoes + ankle socks

Many girls think that wearing high heels can not wear socks, so give up high heels in autumn and winter, hurriedly to learn this way, to the ankle socks, a pair of high-heeled shoe collocation choose footwear with the collocation of color will look very temperament, if want to go to challenge against the collocation of color, just try to choose pointy shoes, fashionable unique, not only can the proportion of the lower body, seem to be tall, integral collocation is simple and easy, have aura fully open on the way to go to work, no problem of the queen's demeanor.

3. Shoes and socks with the color match

Some girls opt for this safe approach in order not to go wrong with their outfits. If pairing shoes isn't enough, pair them with a pair of pants in the same color, at first glance would think that the lower body is an organic whole, looks thin slender legs, like "chopsticks leg", black shoes and socks are any girls are applicable, if the shoe is a decorative pattern, the choice of the large area will match the color of the socks, shoes are good or not feeling out of fashion.

4. Pleated skirt + stockings + middle boots

Boots in the autumn had been with the girls, even if wearing boots, or reasonable choose the socks, also need to create one outfit administrative levels sense, it is best to let the shoes and socks, the socks must be higher than the length of the shoes, the sense of hierarchy gradient will play out, a loosely pleated skirt can highlight temperament, simple collocation can also attract the attention of people.

5. Socks and tops in the same color

This autumn you will go to choose design and color is little socks, simply just for beautiful and get it, but the real to match but always feel not harmonious, if you think the match is out of step, choose the same socks and coat color, and there will be an echo, won't appear very abrupt, integral collocation is very harmonious, people's vision will not be attending to the details, transfer of people's attention.

6. Grey and Burgundy socks go with everything

Bad white collocation, black is not novel, a pair of socks can start of gray and red wine, although also be bright, but didn't punch, after all, Qiu dong the day is dark shoes, especially the brown, match with red wine can deduce the flavor of literature and art, restoring ancient ways to break season is depressing, joker and practical, many fairies have already saddled.

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