Tips for Matching Winter Socks

Tips for Matching Winter Socks

Cold from the feet, you can't show your ankles for beauty in winter. In fact, just the right amount of exposure socks, and affect the finishing brush. Can sock-style so much, what sock is worn in winter good? In addition to our common socks, stockings, pantyhose are indispensable in winter socks sheets.

Here's a look at how to wear socks in a new way, to get more stylish.

Types of socks suitable for winter wear

Wool socks

Wool socks are more common warm socks in autumn and winter, want to wear a new idea, be about to choose special money, besides with sneaker collocation, still can match with high-heeled shoes, build socks and boots to look namely feeling, tie-in skirt outfit, fashionable feeling doubles.

Point of choose and buy: choose prints, letters, stripes, or bright-colored socks that can brighten the LOOK instantly. Cotton is comfortable and breathable, avoiding smelly feet. Wool and knitted socks are thicker and keep you warm.

Stockings and Mid-calf socks

For a preppy look, a pair of mid-length stockings, which are ankle-length enough to keep you warm, and paired with loafers or espadrilles, can instantly make you feel younger and younger again.

Point of choose and buy: what stocking not easily go wrong is to choose pure color money, with the brunet such as gray, black, coffee is given priority to, have shown a thin effect, compare joker also. To prevent stocking slips, it is best to choose a wide elastic sock mouth.


Tights have long been a powerful winter accessory and can be used in a variety of ways, most commonly with short skirts or dresses to give you instant legs and a slimming effect. They can also be worn inside long Johns.

Point of choosing and buy: when winter chooses pantyhose basically is to see thickness, average 60D above suits to wear in winter, it is to see the material to pledge again material, the warmth effect that waits for material such as general wool, lycra is better to suit winter choice.

Ankle socks

The sock that can use at ordinary times actually shows just fashionable! Keep warm simply, still can become a pair of fashionable tie-in sharp implement, if the collocation of whole body is too depressing sometimes, can wear a pair of socks with bright color to come out, achieve the effect that makes the finishing point.

Cotton socks

With the strengthening of health awareness, more and more girls no longer show their ankles in winter. Although winter shows ankle good-looking but has a very big effect on the body. So for girls who like to wear cropped trousers, wear thick cotton socks to match them, which will show off your height and protect your ankles.

More winter sock matching tips

1. Shoes and socks in the same color

The easiest and safest way is to wear socks of the same color as your shoes and make them a part of your shoes, especially if you wear socks of the same color with high heels, like popular socks and boots.

2. Socks echo clothes

Use sock and the mutual echo of dress color or style design, sports wind wears sport sock, artistic fan tie-in small and fresh sock, the color of sock still can be decided according to dress sheet, let whole more rich have administrative levels.

3. Pair socks with shoes

Loafers and socks are the standard part of the campus route of youth, with full marks for age-reducing effect. Sports shoes with striped socks, instantly become fashion attention; Ankle boots add solid color socks, show the side of a little sock, match different socks, wear a new idea.

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