Tips for Matching Various Socks

Today's fashion does not only stay on the collocation of clothing, but the choice of detail place is also becoming more and more important, so a variety of colors and styles of socks become the fashion attitude of important items, choose the right socks and shoe collocation, can give you the overall modeling grace many, but choose the wrong socks can also modeling points for you.

So as long as we match well, socks can now also become a highlight of our clothing matching, and according to the length of the socks, we also have different matching methods, let's look together below how to match socks!

No show socks

First, let's take a look at the no show socks how to match, these show socks are a favorite for people in summer and fall footwear that show off your ankle because they can hide in the shoe, not leak, so it can be our ankles leak, thin ankle, as he that is of some love beautiful girls prefer no show socks collocation, is also the most suitable an ankle socks.

In addition to hiding the socks inside, another method is to choose the color of socks with clothes or shoes and then leak them out aside. In this way, we can use socks to make a match for our whole set of clothes, making it more coordinated and fashionable. This is about the matching of no-show socks.

Ankle socks

To introduce you to the second paragraph of the sock is just in the ankle socks, the socks also is a kind of, we compare the common length in our ankle position, then this kind of socks we can choose more design feeling, in our ankle position can have a design, and other places can be a solid color, like socks and our clothing match would be better, for example and skirt, or a short shorts collocation are together is also very appropriate, and has a bright spot.

Therefore, we can choose a pair of socks with the same style according to our own clothes, and then play the role of auxiliary collocation for our clothes.

Knee-high stockings

The third kind is the collocation of knee-length stockings, stockings, and the above two kinds of socks have a relatively big difference, first of all, the length of stockings is to our knees so long, and the effect of keeping warm will be better.

We were wearing stockings, can suit to wear short clothes, such as reveal the miniskirt, or wear short shorts, is very suitable for our a pair of knee stockings on collocation, this would be our legs thinner, also can let our legs look longer, straight, so you can according to their own clothes to match on a pair of stockings, stockings inside the legs fine color is black, so everyone can choose black, in this way we can appear more slender legs.

Over the knee stockings

To introduce you to a fourth is over the knee stockings, it's actually a little bit like the top knee-high stockings, over the knee stockings to just a bit longer, is probably to our thighs, after putting on the socks will fit in with the long legs, legs fine friend, after put on our legs will look more straight long, can make us look higher, and we can match the miniskirt, is founded on the vision will look like wear silk stockings, but it's much more convenient than wearing silk stockings, so this is also one of the reasons people like to wear over the knee stockings.

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