Those Socks that Match With Sneakers

Speaking of fashion, today I would like to introduce to you how to wear sneakers and socks with a sense of fashion. As a person who is afraid of cold in winter and sun in summer, I never show my ankles, so I have saved a lot of socks. I have seen a lot of fashion bloggers' collocation, and I really like it very much.

So today, I will also share my favorite style with you. Below, I will talk about the collocation skills of stocking and shoes. Are you still showing your ankles? Here are a few tips. Sneakers and socks can also help you look stylish!

Contracted windsocks

Contracted windsocks are tie-in skill, match the shoe with the same color as far as possible, for instance, black builds black, white builds white, such not easy error, the socks of pure color is contracted wind absolutely delegate, nevertheless pure color is still a bit too drab, try this kind to take the stocking of a simple line, the detail when tie-in clothes are added cent very much! In addition to simple line socks, stockings with a little text also look great and can be used in many combinations.

Artistic Style Socks

Artistic style sock tie-in skill, the color of the socks and the overall coordination, can choose a color to highlight but clothes too drab little socks, break the depressing feeling of the collocation, tie-dye although no two years before the fire, but not on behalf of the dye is not good-looking, tie-dye stockings with canvas shoes, very striking, before the weather is cold, quick to buy!

Logo Socks

Many brands like to launch some socks with a small logo, don't look at the small logo, simple logo socks with some basic style, you will find how important they are, how can the artistic direction without this kind of stockings, with a little interesting pattern, it can add interest to the whole set of collocation, the interest of collocation? It just makes you look less bored!

Fanfares socks

Fanfares socks match skills, try to choose and the design of clothing color match, should pay attention to at the same time, the simple socks flamboyant clothes collocation, choice of the grandiose socks and simple clothes, so you don't put the wrong key, matching shoes above recommended socks are too simple, sneakers, fanfares socks is the most appropriate, however, if the pattern is similar to your shoes, socks effect will be better. Still can try the sock of a pattern of large area, can match the color of the clothes according to that day, choose the sock with similar color, sock, anyway expensive not where to go, buy a few more, do not feel distressed, it is not a shoelace that can fly after all.

Fancy Socks

Matching socks have a central idea: be bold. Fancy clothes may not be able to be held by many people, but no matter how fancy socks are, they will not be passed after putting on the feet, which allows this accessory to give us a lot of space to improve the overall shape. In fact, the most basic collocation, or white shoes with white socks, clean and clean, refreshing, the most insurance collocation method is the same, black shoes with black socks. Black and white gray are taken as classic colors for how build won't go wrong, summer white is relaxed, black is thick in winter, spring and autumn gray is recreational. It is the best choice for beginners as socks.

Camouflage socks

Military-style earth color shoes, military green leg pants, choose a pair of dry branches to camouflage element socks, in addition to the color of the same, hardstyle also brings out the best in each other. The color of the large area on the body and sock color echo each other of small area, let a person shine at the moment. Suitable for students with certain skills of collocation. The more design-conscious the better, in this case, don't overdo it. Instead, focus on the socks and get the best out of the little details. Suit the tide personage that appearance level is higher and choice flies oneself.

In the past, many people thought that no matter how cold it was, they should stick to showing their ankles and not wear socks. However, nowadays, people who can wear socks have already got the new skills of wearing socks. Revealing brightly colored socks has become the coolest outfit. This fall, study with me and be a sock trendsetter!

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