The qualities of good custom sock

Socks are our daily essential and evolved from practical need. Because we have to wear shoes, so our feet are often easy to sweat. This sweating can also damage the more expensive outer footwear, thus socks serve the purpose of extending the life of our shoes. A good sock should not just absorb sweat but also allow it to distribute perspiration through the material toward the outer surface (a process called “wicking”). This is important so that the foot stays dry and sweat evaporates before smell-producing bacteria have a chance to start feeding on it. To fit in with a contemporary, well-dressed look, however, especially at business-appropriate levels of formality, a good sock needs a little more than just function.

The following are not just desirable custom sock qualities, but essential ones.

  1. Wicking : As described above, socks should “wick”moisture away from the foot, toward the exterior surface of the sock.
  2. Padding : The sock should cushion the foot from impact with the ground, and prevent the skin from rubbing against the inside of shoes.
  3. High quality elastic: High quality custom made socks always have excellent stretch. Even if worn for a year or two, the socks will not come loose. A loose sock bunches, which is unsightly, and rubs, which can cause blister. A good sock should pull snug against the skin from top to toe.
  4. Thin enough: Dress shoes required dress socks and also tend to be fitted snugly, meaning you can’t cram a big, bulky sock into one. Good custom dress socks should be as thin as comfort permits, both to fit in shoes and to avoid looking bulky around the ankle or distorting the trouser cuff.

5.Appropriate color : For a while now the default dress sock has been black, but there are several options for the sharp dresser. A good sock should fit neatly and unobtrusively into its outfit in most cases and stand out boldly and proudly in the less-frequent cases where that’s the goal.

6.Size and Fit : A final consideration is the fit of the custom socks on the foot itself, not just its height on the leg.Most socks are not sized like shoes (although at the very upper end of options you will find some individually sized socks, and even the opportunity to have them custom made).

Brands vary, but generally speaking an off-the-rack “Medium” sock will fit up to about a size 12 in American shoe sizes. Men at or above that size will want a “Large,” or if possible a “Big and Tall” for men with long or wide feet. Keep both the thickness of the sock and the shoe you’re going to wear it with in mind when shopping.

How to customize the perfect dress sock?

So how do you take all that information and turn it into a really good sock shopping experience? A couple tips:

Know what you want.

Do you need padding? Warmth? Moisture control? Ideally your sock will provide all the creature comforts, but be prepared to prioritize.

Focus on what you’re unhappy with now: if your socks are sagging or showing skin, you need better elastic and a longer sock.

If your feet are getting wet, you need better wicking. Figure out what you need to.