The Performance and Collocation of Silk Stockings

The performance of silk stockings

Women in many industries must wear silk stockings at work. People engaged in standing work for a long time, such as greeters, waiters, as a result of leg length of time in a lower position, prone to edema phenomenon. Wearing stockings is equivalent to putting pressure on the legs from the outside, which can greatly reduce leg pain, swelling, and fatigue. Wearing tight tights or stockings on planes for long periods of time can also help prevent blood clots in the legs.

1.High-quality silk stockings have breathable function above all, even in the summer can also discharge the sultry humidity, no sweat sticky skin trouble, let the skin and air free contact; And inferior silk stockings makes sweat hole cannot diastole, affect the discharge of sweat fluid, the skin metabolite in sweat fluid, can stimulate the skin to itch, produce skin inflammation.

2.High-quality silk stockings should be elastic, tighten the proud flesh leg, make the leg lines more beautiful, can also effectively prevent varicose veins, especially extended to the abdomen elasticity should be stronger, help tighten the lower abdomen, shape a perfect figure; Ordinary silk stockings do not have such a function.

3.High-quality silk stockings should have strong adhesion and fit closely with the skin, even in the knees and popliteal fossa, there is no wrinkle, just like the second skin, and the color of silk stockings is transparent and uniform, with strong covering power, making the skin look more delicate and shiny, And inferior hosiery is worn can feel incongruous position on the body.

4.High-quality silk stockings should be processed by heat extension so that it is firmer, wear-resisting and not easy to draw silk, the heated silk has the effect of anti-static, do not absorb dust can also avoid the embarrassment of adsorption skirt; And common silk stockings are easy to look bad, and absorb dirt and skirt to place, affect beauty already, also go against protecting the skin.

The matching skill of silk stockings

1. The color of socks and shoes should have a certain echo, in most cases, silk socks should be lighter than the color of shoes, do not make it produce a contrasting color. If black silk socks, white shoes, or red shoes, green silk socks can produce a harsh effect and cutaneous silk stockings suit most shoes.

2. The woman with thicker leg should consider wearing darker or silk stockings with a recessive vertical stripe, wear the socks with light color transparent and shiny less and try not to wear the stockings that grow to the calf as far as possible.

3.If the dress is complicated, keep the color and pattern of socks simple.

4. When children and girls are wearing culottes and skirts, they can choose lace flanged tops, light or white socks, with urban style. The tall stocking of avant-garde color also is the good design that girls wear, can highlight their innocent and lively youth romantic breath.

5. Middle-aged and old women should choose pantyhose or pantyhose when wearing a skirt, do not let a leg be exposed, that is a very inelegant way of wearing.

6. Men's socks should be as monochromatic as possible, especially when wearing a formal suit, do not let a straight suit under colorful, casual socks.

7.If the socks are not deliberately designed holes in the fashion show, it is not elegant to expose the threads and holes in the socks in normal wear. Therefore, when wearing special attention, timely discovery of the silk and holes, as soon as possible to replace. Ladies can keep a spare pair of socks in a carry-on bag when they go out.

The cultural deposits of silk stockings

Silk stockings were destined to have a long and widespread market since they were favored by upper-class princes in the 16th century; From male to female, then to the restaurant in the silk stockings milk tea, as well as a creative medium of contemporary art, it not only presents the migration of the mass aesthetic history but also reflects the exploration spirit of people who are not trapped by limitations in the historical development.

Silk stockings cast off the traditional shackles, jumped off the original style, people can use its plasticity and ductility, showing it another style; Its transparency and flexibility, more than any other materials, it is a rigid and soft, both refined and free from vulgarities, both environmental protection and changeful, combined with a smart hand and mind modeling art.

The invention of material technology, such as Lycra, makes silk stockings more possible, leaving the mission of serving the only human body. Due to its material and its contemporary special meaning, many artists take it as a material or medium to create.

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