The Origin and Development of Silk Stockings

1.The early origin

The first silk stockings were made in the 15th century when socks were produced by hand. The first service target of silk stockings is male, the 16th-century European court and high society to colored tights have been to the state of obsession. It was the fashion of the time for men to show off their tights as a symbol of beauty. As David's "Napoleon I and the Coronation of the Queen" shows, even for solemn occasions, princes, generals, and ministers show off their legs and unanimously choose tight stockings.

In the 16th century, the Spanish began to separate pantyhose from trousers and began to weave socks. William Lee, an Englishman, took up knitting with his wife and began his study of knitting machinery. In 1589, William Lee invented the world's first-hand knitting machine for knitting woolen trousers. In 1598, William Lee transformed it into a knitting machine that could produce more delicate silk stockings, thus completely changing the history of hand-made socks. Soon Fournier, a Frenchman, began producing silk stockings in Lyon. Cotton socks were not produced until the middle of the 17th century.

2.Medium-term development

At the beginning of the 20th century, the fashion concept was widely accepted by the public due to the popularity of ready-made clothes. Fashion was no longer the prerogative of the upper classes; women from all walks of life joined in the pursuit of fashion. The appearance of women's wear has undergone a breakthrough change, full of the flavor of The Times, women also changed the previous soft appearance, big square show strong and handsome calf, silk socks became a unique landscape on women's legs.

Therefore, silk stockings become their indispensable accessories. But the fibers used to make socks in those days came from nature, such as cotton, wool, and silk. These materials must be carefully cut and stitched before they can be used, and because they are inelastic, they are very expensive to make and can easily loosen.

In 1937, a DuPont chemist happened to discover that a mixture of coal tar, air, and water melted at high temperatures would produce a hard, durable, thin, and flexible filament. This became known as nylon, and it started the sock revolution. According to relevant data, the first batch of nylon stockings came on the market on May 5, 1940, and sold more than 70,000 pairs a day.

The development of nylon stockings is a milestone in the history of socks, but while enjoying the silk stockings revolution brought by nylon, women find that the biggest drawback of nylon stockings is the lack of elasticity.

Yarn makers are again searching for a solution. Since 1970, the fine elastic man-made fiber product -- Lycra was formally used in the production of silk stockings and pantyhose. As nylon technology improvement is accompanied by the enlightenment brought a new modern city concept and the liberation of human nature, people get rid of the religious bondage, advocate the spirit of freedom, the female aesthetic symbol also change: keep out the cloth of female body parts also gradually reduced, the emergence of the short skirt, calf, the liberation of the body is infinite; To show the curvy beauty of women's body more effectively and naturally, silk stockings have become the necessity of women's modernization.

At this time, the definition of the male society gradually gentlemanly, toughened, coupled with the appearance of suits, silk stockings gradually faded out of the choice of men, only to serve women.

3.Late vigorous development

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, the popularity of miniskirts led to the birth of tights. Stockings and underwear "marriage" quickly occupied 70% of the market share of stockings. In the 1980s, women's clothing showed extreme sex appeal, luxury, and charm, especially women's evening wear, the use of low chest, high slit, and its common, so silk stockings has become an indispensable part of the evening wear accessories. Thanks to the use of high-tech elastic fibers, the improvement of hosiery weaving techniques, complex jacquard, and exquisite lace, vivid stripes and fishnet patterns, even metallic threads and dazzling false diamonds, can become the theme of hosiery performance.

Socks used to be made of cotton cloth, leather, and so on, lacking elasticity. Women wear elasticated socks with dresses, which cut off blood circulation, swelling the soles of the feet and making the thighs heavy. At the beginning of the 21st century, garter belts were attached directly to the hem of the corset, keeping the socks from moving and tight, keeping the body's S-shaped curve. In addition, the slogan "Toe free" has become louder with the return of sandals and the advent of toe-free stockings.

Silk stockings developed to the modern, has become a lot of beautiful girls must be the best product, thicker silk stockings is winter cold a good medicine to keep warm. So how on earth can you find good quality, good-looking and practical silk stockings?

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