The main classification of sports socks

Sports socks are a type of socks. They are also known as thick-line ball socks or pull-back ball socks. They have the same shape as ordinary single-mouth socks. The thickness and number of yarns used are obviously different from other single-mouth socks. Sports socks are generally woven from four 36-gauge yarns.

Because the thread used is thick and the number of threads is large, the texture is thick and strong. It is suitable for sports enthusiasts. Sports socks can be worn comfortably and protect the feet. It has better moisture absorption and perspiration than ordinary socks, so it is named sports socks.

When doing different sports, wear different sports shoes. Similarly, socks also need to match. Putting on appropriate sports socks during exercise will also reduce sports injuries. The following mainly introduces several sports socks that are more popular nowadays:

  1. Yoga socks

Yoga exercises mainly practice flexibility and balance, and some difficult movements are generally practiced barefoot, so it is especially important to choose socks. The bottom of the yoga socks has a rubber particle anti-skid design, special anti-skid socks, not only can effectively prevent the yoga practitioners from slipping feet when doing movements, and effectively protect the safety of yoga practitioners. And with the help of yoga socks, many yoga practitioners will easily master some essentials of yoga movements, increasing the effect and sense of gain of practicing yoga.

During yoga practice, there may be such a situation: yoga practitioners will sweat when practicing barefoot. In this way, the floor or public yoga mats are very unhygienic, so the use of yoga socks can not only effectively maintain their own hygiene, but also maintain public health.

  1. Running socks

Running socks are designed for runners who pursue fine breathable running socks. Today's high-performance socks not only keep your feet dry and comfortable but also serve as pads and support your feet. Running socks can provide support and help prevent slipping. The most important thing is to make sure that you are buying the correct size, this will prevent too tight, too loose, and cause blisters.

Running socks have the following three main characteristics: First, breathability, fine socks ensure good breathability; breathable mesh accelerates perspiration; Second, support, elastic band in the middle of the foot to ensure the stability of the socks during running; Third, anti-friction, flat stitches at the toes to prevent friction and redness.

  1. Ski socks

The sport of skiing has become more and more popular, accepted, and loved by everyone. This extreme sport is characterized by fast speed and steep slopes. It’s not easy to stand in speed skating, especially the ankle is easy to be injured, so it is very necessary to choose a suitable pair of ski socks.

Ski socks should be worn when skiing, but general long-distance sports socks are also acceptable (basketball socks, baseball, and softball socks). Short socks are only suitable for non-ski time, mainly because the ski boots are high upper, the socks are too low, the skin is in direct contact with the inner boots of the snowshoes, which is easy to produce swelling and pain due to friction. You only need to wear a pair of socks when skiing. Unless the shoes are slightly larger, you can add one more pairs of socks to adjust, because too many socks are worn, which sometimes affects the feeling of skiing.

Ski socks should choose high waist and good elasticity, and should not be too thick to ensure the flexibility of sports.

  1. Basketball socks

Basketball socks are divided into the high waist and low waist. The use of stockings on the basketball court is completely different from that on the football field: football players always stockings up to the knee, this is to fix the shield of the calf's head-to-head bones, and although basketball stockings also have the effect of tightening the calf muscles, their degree of protection is far less massive than football stockings. It can also be said that the psychological factors of the stockings on the basketball court are greater than the physical factors. Many players believe that the calves are more likely to be more powerful after being tightly wrapped. In fact, this effect is minimal and almost negligible.

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