The Best Way to Buy Custom Socks

Everyone knows that the feet are the "second heart" of a person. Therefore, choosing the right socks is more important than wearing good shoes. Regardless of how small the socks are, it is not easy to buy a suitable pair. If you just buy ordinary socks on the market, it is very likely that they will not match your own wear and will easily collide with other people's styles, which is easy to be embarrassed. Buying custom socks at this time can perfectly solve this problem.

Customized socks can be arbitrarily selected patterns and colors, matching clothes and shoes and bags, and other accessories to solve the problem of matching. We can customize socks with the same color pattern according to the color pattern of each garment, and match it with a perfect effect. When we customize socks, we can also choose the theme we want, such as the love theme, family theme, etc.

There are so many benefits of custom socks, so is there anything to pay attention to when buying custom socks?

1. Buy custom socks-choose fewer wool socks

Socks made of wool are not good at absorbing sweat, which tends to make your feet wet and cause blisters. Under normal circumstances, it is best to choose cotton socks, but if you are going to exercise, it is recommended to buy corduroy socks, which can absorb sweat better.

2. Buy custom socks-fit and size are very important

The socks should fit perfectly, not too tight or too loose. If the socks are too large, the extra fiber will increase friction and damage the skin of the feet. The color should be the same as the inside of the shoe as much as possible. When buying children's socks, choose light-colored ones. The brighter the color, the more chemical ingredients are added.

3.Buy custom socks-pay attention to fiber density

When buying custom socks, you should pay attention to the fiber density of socks. It is not recommended to buy them if they are too loose. Keep in mind the 6-character formula of "tight loose, big light and clear", that is, the tightness of the socks and the socks are appropriate, the bottom of the socks should be loose, the heel of the socks should be large, the surface of the socks should be smooth, the lugs should be straight without skew, the stitch structure is clear, the pattern, No needles are exposed on the toe and heel of the sock. In addition, everyone should prepare a few pairs of high-quality socks such as toe-separated socks and arch belt socks.

4. Buy custom socks-pay attention to the washing method

When washing socks, you must not rub them vigorously to prevent the socks from slipping out or breaking after strong friction; the water temperature for washing the socks should not exceed 40°C, otherwise, the socks will shrink after being heated, the bottom of the socks will become smaller, or even worse. It will harden and deteriorate the socks. In order to maintain the original luster of the socks, it is best not to use soap that contains too much alkali, just rub it with your hands, rinse with water, and dry it in a cool, ventilated place.

5. Buy custom socks-the principle of socks style selection

The principle of the same color is the most basic way of matching. Just choose socks of the same color as the clothing. And echo with the small accessories on the body, such as scarves and bags. But the most important thing is the matching with the shoes. If there is a decoration or dark pattern on the socks, the effect will be better.

The principle of fashion, bright and fashionable patterns and colors, highlight the uniqueness of socks. The fancy appearance has become another business card for fashionable people. Gorgeous colors and gorgeous patterns show the beauty of individuality.

The principle of minimalism, traditional black and white socks. There is no logo. Only win by material, change one or two times a day to form a single image and bring out personal image temperament.

buy custom socks pay attention to the above five items to buy your favorite custom socks. YINUO KNITTING a custom socks company and manufacturer, if you want to buy custom socks, you can contact!