The advantages and disadvantages of wearing toe socks

Feet and hands are the same, with ten fingers. We will wear gloves for hands for various purposes, such as warmth, sun protection, protection, etc. But for the feet, it seems that socks are all the same. Now someone has invented the toe socks, which look like they put gloves on their feet. Toe socks are also called five-toed socks. Each toe is designed to fit individually on the toes. After wearing it, each toe is separated. So what is the benefit of this personalized sock?

  1. Toe socks have the advantages of health and fashion. Fully highlight the beauty, fashion, trendy and personality.
  2. People with onychomycosis can prevent cross infection between toes by wearing toe socks!
  3. The advantage of wearing toe socks is that there is no pain between the toes, so that each toe can move freely, reduce the squeeze between the toes, and promote blood circulation;
  4. Wearing toe socks can use the characteristics of cotton to absorb the sweat between your toes, so that the air between the toes is smooth, effectively preventing foot odor and beriberi!
  5. In general, foot sweat plus the cuticle of the skin and bacteria, just a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. If you wear toe socks, your foot sweat will be fully absorbed by the toe socks, instead of staying between the toes and the toes. Of course, the chance of tinea pedis is relatively small.
  6. Toe socks also have the effect of heat preservation. According to the test: after wearing the toe socks on the heels of ordinary socks for a whole day, the temperature is completely different.
  7. Wearing toe socks can reduce the compression force of the socks, thereby enhancing the wear resistance of the socks and increasing the life of the socks.
  8. Massage the peripheral blood vessels between the toes to promote blood circulation, reduce skin thickening, toe lesions and other foot skin diseases.
  9. Toe correction, toes are flexible, comfortable and natural, can help children to prevent toe deformation after growing up.

The difference between toe socks and ordinary socks

Some people are born with compact toes, and those who are prone to sweating are the easiest to get tinea pedis! But if you wear toe socks, socks can keep your feet sweaty in the socks instead of between the toes! Generally speaking, foot sweat plus skin cuticle plus bacteria is just a perfect breeding ground for bacteria! But if you wear toe socks, your foot sweat will be absorbed by the toe socks. The occurrence of tinea pedis is also relatively small!

The feet are one of the most sensitive parts of the human body. The socks on the feet are slightly uncomfortable to wear, and you will feel uncomfortable all over. Encountering a suitable sock is just like encountering true love. It requires luck and constant experimentation. Therefore, it is very important to customize a suitable five-finger socks. The customized five-finger socks will match the correct size according to the shape of their feet, which can bring a skin-like fit to the toes, reduce the isolation between the toes, reduce the foreign body sensation, and further improve the overall foot feel of the five-finger socks. The customized five-finger socks not only bring about a cushioning experience on the sole of the foot, but also enhance the anti-slip of the foot and improve the control of the feet. It also forms a three-dimensional five-finger split-toe structure to avoid friction between the toes and improve the toe cushioning experience.