Stockings (Long socks) Brand Introduction

Generally refers to the long stockings worn with the skirt. Although cross-century women have shouted slogans like "return to nature", they have never forgotten the stockings that are not so natural.

It is said that silk knitting stockings were first created by the Spaniards, and they have been leading the way for a long time.

In the 16th century, French courts and upper-class ladies were keen to import stockings from Spain, with red, orange, and purple as fashionable.

According to the data, the first stocking knitting machine was invented by the British William Lee in 1589. Stockings are undoubtedly the exclusive stage for women, but at the beginning of the invention and for a long time afterward, the main service target was men. In the 16th and 17th centuries, men wearing bulky shorts, long stockings (sometimes with socks fixed by ribbon bows), and high-heeled shoes were more decorated and thicker than modern girls wearing miniskirts.

Variegated stockings were also popular in the 15th century. The legs are of different colors and are colorful and interesting. Chinese men have not tried the stockings. Stockings were introduced by women in the early 20th century.

The biggest trouble it brings is easy to hook and easy to take off. Stockings are basically knitwear, interlocking, as long as one of them is off the loop, it will fly straight out of the way. Whether it is the mysterious "odd circle anti-hook" stockings or the "crystal socks" that add confidence with the name on the ordinary market, this embarrassment cannot be changed much.

Famous brand of stockings

1. WOLFORD: It is the top Austrian underwear brand famous in Europe. Its most popular product in the fashion industry is its stockings. WOLFORD's stockings may be the best in the world. The AURA5 stockings produced by its family are the thinnest in the world, and the sock fiber denier unit even reaches the incredible 5DEN. Like Nicole Kidman and Faye Wong are the most loyal users of its family.

2. VICTORIA'SSECRET: The famous top underwear brand in the United States. The underwear produced by its family is a collection of American fashionable women. VICTORIA'SSECRET launched a BRA product called "Extreme Fantasy" in 2004, which shocked the international fashion circle. The base of BRA is made of white gold, the cover is covered with 2990 small diamonds, and a large diamond weighing 70 carats is set, and the price is as high as 10 million US dollars!

3. GERBE: It is second-to-none in France, and can be the famous French top ladies underwear brand with HERMES and LOUIS VUITTON. Its family history has been nearly 100 years. The stockings produced by GERBE are the main products of its family and one of the symbols of French luxury and fashion. GERBE's fashion conferences are often held together with CHANEL, DIOR, and other luxury brands' fashion conferences. Many times when the top models wear CHANEL, THIERRYMUGLER's new style, the stockings they wear are GERBE!

4. FALKE: Europe's largest and oldest top lingerie brand, Franz Falke Rohen was founded in Germany in 1895, a full 111 years of history! It is one of the representatives of Germany's top fashion brands.

5. FOGAL: Switzerland not only has the world's best watches but also produces the world's top underwear brands. FOGAL is one of the few best underwear brands in the world, and it is also the brand used by many European and American stars. FOGAL opened its first store in Zurich, Switzerland in 1920. It has a long history of 86 years. As early as the 1950s, FOGAL was a top brand admired by American superstars, and a generation of celebrities Marilyn Monroe was a loyal user of FOGAL.

6. LA PERLA: The most luxurious and expensive underwear brand in the world (except VICTORIA'SSECRET's "Extreme Fantasy"), its home is the pride of Italy's top luxury fashion.

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