Some Tips for Custom Socks

Socks are a necessity in our daily life. Socks should be worn within three days, and if conditions permit, it is best to change them once a day.

Custom socks are made of soft cotton. Besides, socks are knitwear, which is made of yarn and knitted. We need to pay special attention to daily life.

We should not let sharp things tear the socks or use our hands to pull them. Otherwise, your custom socks will take a lot less time.

Here are some tips for sharing the correct use of socks and keep custom socks.

1.Make sure that there is no broken place in the shoe, which may lead to the socks being caught. Besides, it is better to put a cotton pad inside the shoe to avoid scraping the socks.

2.When washing the used customized socks, please pay attention to washing them separately. One is to prevent it from being scratched by other clothes, such as zippers, and the other is to prevent the spread of bacteria on the feet of other clothes, especially underwear.

3.Easy to sweat and more sweat, cotton socks need to wash frequently, you can soak in clear water for about 1 hour, and then rub soap with hot water to wash, so the dirt is easy to fall off.

4.Washing wool socks should first be less alkaline neutral soap cut into soap pieces, put in hot water melting, such as water cooling, then socks into, soak for a while, and then gently rub with your hands. On the dirt, more socks head and heel can rub some soap, until clean. After rubbing socks, rinse clean with water, slightly kneaded dry, in the ventilated place or the sun drying.

5.Pure filar socks, artificial filar socks, nylon socks, etc., also use soap to gently rub when washing, not too much force, after socks are washed, want shade dry, do not insolate or dry.

6.No matter what type of socks you have, soak them in a little saltwater before wearing them and then let them dry naturally so that the fibers become stronger and more durable.

7.Special custom socks should be used for special occasions, such as sports socks, hiking socks, etc.

8.When socks are dried by a clothes dryer, too high a temperature will cause the socks to lose their elasticity and slide off more easily.

9.When washing socks with a washing machine, to prevent loss, can be put into the laundry net bag. Not only does this prevent the socks from being torn, but it also makes it easier to find them from a pile of clothes.

10.Who’s feet easy to sweat should be wear air - penetrating, moisture-absorbent wool and cotton socks.

11.People with dry feet should wear nylon and polypropylene socks with poor moisture absorption.

12.When the socks are dry, they should be put away in time so as not to catch dust. Fold well according to hosiery, store separately and neatly.

13.Wash your off-season socks and stock them in plastic bags. It's better to keep different types of socks in separate storage because it's easier to find them when you need to use them.

Whether you're at home or traveling, are you worried about finding another sock? Here are some tips to help you keep your socks:

1. Roll two socks together from the top of your head and roll them to the cuff. Open the cuff of one sock and roll them together to cover the rolled sock.
2. Tuck one sock directly into another sock of the same style.
3. Tie two socks directly (for thin socks).