Some Sharing about Custom Yoga Socks

Yoga originated in India. It has a history of more than 5,000 years and is known as "the treasure of the world".

Today, yoga has become one of the most popular physical and mental exercises in the world. From India to Europe, the United States, Asia Pacific, Africa, and so on, because of its psychological decompression and physical health care and other obvious effects are highly respected.

At the same time, various sub-methods of yoga have evolved, such as hot yoga, hatha yoga, hot yoga, health yoga, etc., as well as some yoga management science.

Let's talk about the influence factors of non-slip, after you understand these reasons, you can easily customize the ideal yoga socks according to your own needs.

Do you like yoga? Do you have any friends who practice yoga? Today, there are still a lot of people who love yoga, they will have a certain amount of time to practice yoga every day, for the sake of their body to become more healthy.

When practicing yoga, in addition to the need for quiet, empty exercise places, convenient for yoga exercise clothing, and a yoga mat, there are yoga socks. Yoga socks can both reduce the chance of slipping and falling during training and are an effective way to maintain personal hygiene.

Let's talk about the influence factors of anti-slip, after you understand these reasons, you can easily customize the ideal yoga socks according to your own needs.

Anti-slip is divided into two levels: between the socks and the ground, and between the soles of the feet and the socks.

Anti-slip between socks and floor:

of the biggest features of yoga, socks are the regular arrangement of anti-slip adhesive at the bottom of the socks. Greatly increased the skid resistance of socks.

In custom socks, the custom added anti-slip rubber can be either a small round dot or a custom irregular pattern.

1.There are PVC dispensing and silicone dispensing on the market. Silicone is better overall, but it costs more.

2.The fullness of the anti-slip adhesive, the shape of the adhesive point, the distribution location, and the area of the dispensing area will also affect the anti-slip effect. Some styles only apply glue to parts of the soles of the feet, while others apply glue to the whole soles of the feet. In theory, the whole dispensing is better.

Anti-slip between soles of feet and socks:

1.The material and knitting of the socks themselves. If the knitting is sparse, the elastic fiber is sparse, the quality of the elastic fiber is poor, or the elastic fiber is not added at all, any one of these factors will affect the fitting degree between the socks and the feet, thus affecting the anti-slip effect. Some socks on the market have elastic fibers in the middle of the foot arch to form a stretch zone. But the more advanced approach is to add elastic fiber to the whole body of the socks, so that the socks are well fitted to the foot, maximally increase the friction between the socks and the soles of the feet.

2.The style of socks, will also affect the anti-slip performance. Here the style mainly refers to the structural design:

(1)Backless and not backless. The physical nature of the structure determines that some forms, such as backless styles, will inevitably weaken the fit and friction of the socks. Think of it as the price to pay for beauty. Backless skidding may be less effective than backless skidding, especially at high frequency or high amplitude movements.

(2)Split toe style and non-toe style. There are a lot of people really not used to split-toe socks, turned to the use of non-toe. The anti-slip effect of not dividing toe is generally lower than that of dividing toe. If skidding is your top concern, try to get used to split-toe socks.

(3)There are a few other styles on the market, using different ideas to improve the friction between the soles of the feet and socks: silicone is also used in the inside of the socks, to increase the foot and soles of the anti-slip.

In short, the anti-slip reason is not complicated. But why on market still can have all sorts of yoga socks that take beautiful as a side key, and so many people buy that? This is probably human nature, always like beautiful things, sometimes have to compromise some functions for beauty.

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