Some Shares about Stockings Wearing and Washing

Custom socks are knitwear, it's knit of yarn and will be easy to silk noil yarn, we should be careful to wear it in daily life and try to avoid touching sharp things.

Below are some tips that can prolong the service life of custom socks and easier to put on stockings. These tips apply to all custom knee-high socks, silk stockings, and net stockings.

First of all, to avoid accidental damage to custom stockings when wearing, it is necessary to remove the ring, watch, and other sharp objects, while keeping the nail and hand skin smooth.

Stockings Wearing:

When wearing custom stockings, take the thumb as the center and fold the stockings from the thigh to the toe; Again respectively two feet from tiptoe place to thigh place gently upward pull.

To get the best effect, the soles of the feet should be flat against the ground, then gently pull up the stockings, and make sure that every part of the legs is fully attached.

1.Put one hand into your sock, hold the heel of your sock, and turn the sock with the other.
2. Turn your socks upside down and spread smoothly so that your foot can easily reach into the stocking head.
3, Two thumbs on the inside of the socks, grasp the body of the socks with four fingers, put the feet into the socks, two thumbs out of the socks tight, four fingers and thumb to coordinate the socks to the ankle, and put the socks with the correct position.
4, the socks back step by step and pull up, put on the socks next to the smooth.

Take special care not to allow diamond or long nails to scratch stretch socks while wearing or removing them.

Stockings Protect:

Stocking which is newly bought but not worn put in warm water for a while, wring them out or shake them off with a dryer before ironing them over low temperature. The hosiery that classics such processing, durability rises a lot of.

Stockings Washing:

1.When washing custom stockings, hand wash with warm water as far as possible. Had better not be washed inside the washing machine, the ripple that washing machine rotates rapidly can make sock suffers violent damage, cause socks to lose due to flexibility and burnish. If washing with a washing machine, it is best to place stockings in a gauze bag and then put them in the washing machine.

If washed by hand, do not use hard soap to grind or sprinkle with washing powder knead, had better use detergent to gently rub. After socks are washed, do not twist as far as possible, lest destroy the fiber organization of stocking, occurrence stocking is damaged.
2.It is better not to wash socks with trousers, as metal buckles on trousers will tear knitted socks. Dark socks should also not be mixed with light socks when washing.

Tips for preventing stocking slippage:

Stockings can slip because they are easily hemmed. Here are some tips to prevent them from slipping:

Place a coin on the side of the stocking and tuck the sock down. This is because the leg of the person is from top downward finer and finer because below is thinner than above, so the sock side of stocking of the long stocking is easy to lose, add the filar stocking that rolls up to have a certain weight, filar stocking began to slip, namely roll up filar stocking more, slip more severe. Put a coin at the top of the stocking and the stocking will not roll and the stocking will not slide down. In addition, COINS are so light and slippery that they don't make people feel uncomfortable.