Some materials information of custom socks

Is there any 100% cotton socks?" "What kind of socks are more comfortable and durable?" Before customize a socks , you must first understand the material of the sock. Only by knowing the ingredients can you choose the right custom socks.

Socks can be created from a wide variety of materials, such as cotton, wool, nylon, acrylic, polyester, or spandex. To get an increased level of softness other materials that might be used during the process can be silk, bamboo, linen, cashmere, or mohair.


Cotton is one of the best materials and common used for socks as it is light in weight and absorbs moisture. The cotton fabric is washable and is quite durable as well. Socks made of cotton is breathable, soft and warm, durable and comfortable.These advantages are why over the years, cotton socks have always been popular. Cotton is usually the most abundant ingredient in custom dress socks.

A few kinds of cotton:

Combed cotton–Cotton treated further to remove short fibers and impurities. The cotton is literally combed, leaving long, straight cotton fibers only. Combed cotton feel softer against your skin. Generally, combed cotton is more expensive than regular cotton. This is our preference choose and most commonly used cotton material.

Organic Cotton - the material obtained from non-genetically modified cotton plants. In simple terms, these are grown without the use of pesticides or fertilizes.

Mercerized cotton - A cotton yarn that is put through an additional finishing process(mercerizing) to provide great luster and softness to the yarn and to intensify dyed colors. It is not easy wrinkle as well so that very suit to wear in summer.

Modal cotton - A type of rayon made from beech tree fibers, the combination of cotton and modal feels more silky.


Nylon is widely used in sock making as the material is durable and is quite resistant. Nylon is ideal for making socks that undergo and a lot of stretching and pulling. Socks made of nylon are breathable and used to make athletic socks generally. Nylon socks also assimilate moisture when compared to socks made using fabrics other than cotton or wool. Even though nylon has so many advantages, it is not expensive.So nylon is also popular among people. Nylon is used in custom dress socks and custom athletic socks to increase socks durability. It is often used to knit patterns in socks.


An artificial elastic fiber. It can mix with all sorts of man-made and natural fiber, have extraordinary elasticity and restore performance.


It is the most wear-resistant and strongest of synthetic fiber.  The weight is very light, the elasticity is good.


Polypropylene is undoubtedly one of the best materials that are being used in sock making, thanks to its waterproof qualities. The material is warm and feels quite comfortable on the skin. This is one of the reasons why it is used as an inner liner for the socks. Besides, it also very light.


The most-used synthetic fiber. polyester is washable and resistant to wrinkles. Is pretty much the same as Nylon but is less expensive. Custom socks made of polyester are breathable and absorb moisture and can easily survive wear and put out as well. It is usually used in custom athletic socks.


Spandex as a material is known for its resistance to extending and is hence used in socks to help them stay in shape. Spandex is commonly known as Lycra or Elastane and is commonly used in long socks.


The socks made using bamboo are soft and very breathable and are comfortable more than the cotton ones. The socks have sheen on their surface and look similar to those made of silk or cashmere. Bamboo as a material is also hypoallergenic and is durable and is a natural microbial fiber. This is indeed a luxury choice for many sock manufacturers.


Silk is a very smooth material, known for its softness and moisture absorbing features. The socks made of silk have high tensile strength and keep the feet dry, cool and comfortable.


Wool is the original easy care fiberm, naturally has wrinkle resistance, it breathes with your body. Wool keep your feet dry and warm. Wool yarn is often used to create thicker socks, mostly used during winters as they are bulky and lofty. Wool is great as an insulator as well and also keeps the feet of the user dry-thanks to their moisture absorbing nature. Socks made of wool are ideal for hiking and adventure activities.

Now that you know more about the materials used in custom made socks, it is time you use the knowledge to make the best pick.