Some information about custom socks packing

Boost your sales with socks packaging that is out of this world. Let your custom socks have the bright style with a unique packaging design your customers will love.

Head-card (Tag) :

A paper card usually used to fasten the cuff and toe of a pair sock. It will have a hook hole to hang the socks on the shelves. The head-card is divided into recycled cardboard and ordinary paper head-card two kinds. Recycled head-card is made from recycled paper for recycling. Such head-card are popular with many environmentalists.

After printing and cutting, the paper becomes a head-card with color. A description of the fabric, type, size and wash of the socks is usually printed on the head-card. This allows customers to quickly find the socks they need. In addition to socks, you can customize the patterns you want, so can the head-card. The bright head-card makes the overall package of socks high-grade and special. You can packing socks with head-card in the same style, or you can print your company's or project name on the head-card for publicity.

The head-card can be pinned up with a small strips of plastic, or sewn with cotton yarn. You can choose according to your own needs.

Wrap band (Waist seal) :

Wrap band’s material, production process and use almost same as head-card except for the packing way of the socks. Usually it will be tied to the middle of a pair or some pairs of sock like a belt. Waist seal design and style also can be customized.

J hook :

A hook made of plastic and usually comes in black and white. If the head-card not have a hole to hang the sock, you can add a j hook for hanging. If your socks use a waist seal, there is also a matching waist hook. To protect the environment, many people do not recommend using plastic J hook at present.

Gift box :

If you use socks as a gift, a gift box for the socks is essential. The gift box of socks usually has two kinds of cuboid boxes: soft paper box and hard paper box. Custom gift box are made according to your socks size, so you don't have to worry about whether the boxes fit properly. Both the outside and the inside of the gift box can be customized pattern to mean the holiday theme or liven up the atmosphere of the event. Combining greeting cards with gift boxes also available.


When shipping a long distance and distributing personally, packaging is essential to keep the socks clean and fresh. The usual packaging will have a small polybag for each pair of socks in order to prevent dust and water. To protect the environment, you can also use large plastic bags instead of each small plastic bag.

Aluminium nail

A movable nail made of aluminum, usually fixed to the toe of a sock to make it not easy to separate.

Why do we introduce packaging customization?

Different manner of packaging can meet the needs of more situations. Different festivals, activities, different packing.

Paper card or gift boxes can be sent together with your custom sock. Custom socks can be sold as soon as you receive them, without you having to re-wrap them.

Good price. We have long-term partners, which will be more cheaper than you customize some paper cards or gift boxes individually.

The last but not least. You can use more professional and wonderful packaging to boost your brand effect.