Socks Personalized, Fashionable on Your Feet

Do you feel that your outfits are mediocre and not fashionable enough, then you may be missing a pair of personalized socks. Having a pair of personalized socks allows you to wear fashion on your feet and walk at the forefront of fashion.

Socks are not only connected with fashion but to a certain extent, they have even become a key item of fashion, especially a pair of personalized socks that make people shine. You can go through the street and shoot, socks are indeed a very cost-effective decorative item. Even if your clothes are mediocre, a pair of nice and personalized socks can make your look different in an instant, allowing you to use a small single product to make your daily styling twice the result with half the effort. So how to match personalized socks to be fashionable? Take a look at the following ways to wear.

Personalized socks matching method

Flat shoes with socks

Let’s start with the easiest flat shoes. In the past, when we wear sports shoes, we often choose to expose our ankles. But now, socks with a fashionable personality are the right choice.

The little white shoes and little black shoes that we usually wear are sporty socks. The colors are generally black and white, simple but good-looking.

But if you choose to personalize the socks a little bit, such as adding striped elements, it will fit more closely with the sneakers, and at the same time, it will have a little retro touch.
If you want to go further, you can choose bright-colored individual socks to match the colors of simpler clothes and shoes to increase the highlight of the style. In this way, when you look at the past, your eyes will be immediately attracted by the personalized socks, highlighting the key points.

Not only sports shoes, but loafers with socks are also looks that have often appeared in street photography over the past two years. In the past, we said that black leather shoes must not be matched with white socks, but loafers are a popular way to wear them like this.

In addition, the retro flat shoes that are popular in these two seasons are also good partners for all kinds of personalized socks. Personalized socks will make the retro atmosphere of the shoes more intense and make the style more comfortable.

Short boots with socks

In the early spring season, short boots are still the most "favored" pair in our shoe cabinet. Although everyone wears short boots, not everyone understands the importance of exposing a sock.

In fact, the combination of socks and boots is nothing new. Do you remember the big sock boots of the past few years? The shaft of the boot can fit tightly to the ankle, extend the curve of the leg, and make the calf more slender.

To a certain extent, short boots and socks have the same effect. When your boots are not designed to tighten, a pair of socks can help you accomplish this task.

It is said that fashion cares about details, whether it is matched with skirts or pants, the edge of the rocks exposed at this point can show your caring thoughts.

However, individual socks are not easy to make mistakes, so pay attention to when choosing them, and pay special attention to the length of the socks when matching short boots. If the socks are as long as the calf, the leg will be cut into several sections. If there is no "chopstick leg", it is easy to appear strong and short. Therefore, only a little exposure to the outer socks of the boots is enough.

High heels with socks

Although many celebrities have demonstrated the method of matching high heels with socks, it is easy to step into the minefield in practice. For example, we always think that white socks are the most versatile, but in daily life, it is difficult for us to wear this effect. Consider choosing a pair of personalized socks at this time.

Socks selection tips——Choose socks of the same color as high heels, so that the shoes and socks are integrated, even if you choose socks with special colors, it will not be too exaggerated.

Or find a single product from your body, and echo the color of the socks, so that they will look more coordinated with high heels.

Now that you know the importance of personalized socks in matching, I believe you want to get a pair of fashionable socks now. So how to choose a pair of personalized socks?

Personality socks selection principle

Personalized socks selection principle-bright color balance overall tone

Of course, bright colors are indispensable for personalized socks. The popularity of bright-colored socks should have a lot to do with Gucci. When I came to the street shooting, although the overall match was not as fancy as on the show, the bright colors did add a lot to the whole look. For example, this one, a simple T-shirt + half skirt, and the addition of socks make the look more fashionable.

But we also have to pay attention to the scale of bright colors. If there are many bright-colored items all over the body, it will only play a dazzling counter-effect.

Personalized socks selection principle-decorative socks make high heels sexier

In addition to brightly colored personalized socks, decorative personalized socks are of course also essential. Socks with a sense of decoration are the latest socks trend in these two seasons. In line with the fashion trend of big logos, socks with logos or various small patterns have also become frequent visitors of street photography. If you think wearing a full-body logo is too flamboyant, it may be a good choice to wear it on socks.

Personalized socks selection principle-color matching makes the whole brighter

Contrasting color socks are also a member of personalized socks, and they also play an important role in matching. Although I said that socks of the same color as the shoes are easier to control, contrast color matching is a more fashionable way to wear. Appropriate color contrast will not only not look short, but will also make the matching space richer.

Especially the socks with gold and silver thread are popular with many people. From a distance, they look like bling, which can definitely make you the focus of the audience. Of course, there is still a knack for color matching. The color of shoes or socks is similar to that of clothing, which can dilute the sense of conflict between footwear and socks. Although the color contrasts, it is not abrupt.

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If you find your recent outfits a bit boring and want to find something new, it is better to start with a pair of cost-effective personalized socks to add a sense of fashion to your style.