Socks Manufacturing Process, Material & Market Growth Analysis

Custom socks manufacturing

Socks manufacturing process:

    1. Knitting: Raw materials are washed, spun into yarn and colored at factory. The yarn then comes to big yarn spools. A multitude of needles then knit the various threads into a series of interlocking loops. These loops form the tube of woven material used in making socks. For the best possible fit and comfort, each individual garment part and size is made on individual stitching machines with different diameter needles. Computerized sock knitting machines work at high speeds and can easily be programmed to produce a wide variety of socks. Using programmed codes in step 1, multitude of needles then knit the various threads into a series of interlocking loops. Computerized sock knitting machines work at high speeds and can easily be programmed to produce a wide variety of socks. 1st inline-inspection is implemented here to avoid mistakes like length, trimming, interlocking etc.
    2. Sewing: All parts come out like finished tubes. The great advantage of this is that the finished garments have a minimum number of seams, which allows for better comfort, and eliminates excessive rubbing from bulky seams. After inspecting, turns individual pieces inside out and do linking and seaming processes. Hand-linking, seamless linking or auto-linking will be applied on different type of socks.
    3. Wash and dry: They are washed and dried to shrink and stabilize them. This wash is done with water only; no detergents are used.
    4. Logo embroidery: Brand mark and logo embroidery pattern are stitched with computer software and automated embroidery machine. Integration of science and
    5. Boarding: Socks are shaped with the help of heat and steam, on metal foot stretch frame. This gives them the proper shape and smooth appearance.
    6. Inspection: Quality inspection takes placed in every step of the production process and the most thorough product quality inspection takes placed right before packaging in order to guarantee that no socks are defective or contaminated.
    7. Pair& Labelling Socks: The left and right socks are paired together and then passed on to be private labeled. You can choose hangtags or bands to label your socks.
    8. Packaging: After the socks have passed an extensive quality control process they are ready to be packed following client specifications. Packaging is as important as the sock itself and all aspects are specified and confirmed. Band rolls, header cards, stickers, hooks, clips, hangers, poly bags, pallets, cartons, etc. We can order custom package material from the designated supplier of client as well.
    9. Shipping and Delivery: After manufacturing and packaging the finish product goes to a safe warehouse for storage until they are loaded for transport. We only work with reliable freight forwarders that delivered all cargo on the agreed time and date. Approximately 80% our production is exported.

What material would be good for making socks (sock material):

There are 4 main materials used to make socks. These materials each have their own benefits depending on what you need the sock for.

Polyester vs Cotton

Polyester is a man-made petroleum-based synthetic fibre. One of the main benefits of polyester is its durability. It is a very strong material and will last much longer than cotton if cared for properly. Polyester also holds color better and longer than cotton, as well as being quick drying and non-absorbent.

Cotton is much softer than polyester and is a much better choice if you are wanting more comfort from your socks. Cotton holds color relatively well, but there are materials that keep color better and for longer.
Cotton socks are breathable, much more so than polyester. Cotton is also very good for sensitive skin or if you suffer from any allergies.

Cotton can be much more expensive than other materials, especially if you are buying something that is 100% cotton.

Bamboo vs Wool

Wool socks are most definitely more suited for winter weather, as your feet will get way too hot in the warmer months. Unlike cotton, wool is a brilliant insulator and will ensure your feet stay toasty, even in the coldest conditions.

Wool can also absorb high amounts of moisture, much more than cotton. Wool socks also keep their insulating properties, even when wet, meaning excess sweat or water won’t make your feet cold.

Socks Market Growth Analysis

The Socks Report conjointly verify the market conditions together with the Socks product value, specification, Socks research methodologies, money and technical details which is able to facilitate to expand the Socks market operations. The Socks research study offers in-detail summary of Socks Market along side the market standing, Socks market share, future trends, Socks market drivers, Socks competition landscape, distributors, Socks sales channels...
The target of Socks report 2019 is to supply a whole study of Socks market (Growth trends & Future Prospects)

Revenue in the Socks segment amounts to US$40,092m in 2019.

In the market for Socks, volume is expected to amount to 21,392.92 m prs. by 2023.

The average price per unit in the market for Socks amounts to US$1.89 in 2019.

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Although socks may be a small part of the average person's wardrobe, they have a large market share in the apparel and fashion industries.

For new socks stores and companies, socks are often a good beginner product. Like a graphic T-shirt and mobile phone case, socks are easy to custom. And build a sock brand by social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest are effective way to bring exposure to your brand to potential customers.

Star A socks business

In fact, I think the success of starting a socks business requires efforts from two aspects: on the one hand, it needs to constantly improve your products and improve the corresponding management system; on the other hand, it needs to better develop, maintain customer channels and implement the concept of customer service and customer first.

Internally, to improve the sock, we need to lead our team to study and develop more cost-effective production processes and production methods. For example, the cost of raw materials can be reduced, but it must be on the premise of ensuring socks quality. Perfect system includes the management system in the production process and the management system in the sales process. The production process includes workshop assembly line operation, packaging and shipment, etc., and this series of steps need strict management and supervision system to control, otherwise it is easy to have problems. The sales process includes communication with customers in the early stage to facilitate the transaction and continuous after-sales service in the later stage. This series of process also needs perfect management order and system to maintain.

Externally, the development and maintenance of customer channels requires us to have our own sales platform for online and offline joint development. For example, major social shopping websites and offline socks stores. Shopping has a lot of customer views, so it's very convenient for people to ask questions as soon as they want to buy custom socks. But socks stores are more likely to retain existing customers. In order to retain customers, the concept of service first is also very important. Every order needs to be taken seriously, from receiving the order to signing successfully, from production to shipment, every step should be improved. If there is a problem to solve in time, as far as possible not to affect the customer.

Producing your own socks

  1. Sock design template: we can customize customer’s design, just send your sock design to us.
  2. Sock colors: we have many colors for choices, pls send your interested colors to us.
  3. Sock Size Reference: we can customize any sizes, before production begins, we can you a size sample for your reference.
  4. Prices: our price is competitive in market.
  5. Tag Design (package design): we can make tag and do packing per your demands.
  6. Quantity for each design/size: customer can send the design/size quantity to us.
  7. Socks market: there’s a big market for socks


Manufacturing & Outsourcing Socks

We’ll manufacture socks according to customer’s design, YINUO can customize per customer’s demands. For mass production, when production is full, some orders need a quicker shipping date, then outsourcing can be considered, as it can faster production speed, reduce production pressure, to ensure goods to be finished on time.

Socks Manufacturing Process, Material & Market Growth Analysis
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Socks Manufacturing Process, Material & Market Growth Analysis
How to star your socks business better? Here is a list to help you solve this problem, mainly three major points.