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YINUO knitting is more than just a custom socks company and manufacturer, we also provide a large number of socks wholesale.

Everyone needs socks, and the demand for low-priced, high-quality bulk socks should not be underestimated. We provide wholesale dress socks, low-price discount athletic socks, and a wide variety of printed socks, and the bulk discount prices are incredibly low, and all of our wholesale socks are high-quality socks. Wearing the right socks can greatly improve the health of your feet. If you want to wholesale a large number of socks, you still need to find our low-priced and high-quality socks.

Features of Our Socks

Breathable & Comfortable






Available in Many Sizes






Designed for Everyday Use






Bulk Wholesale Discounts






Machine Washable






Moisture Wicking






Our Services for Every Customer

If you want to wholesale a lot of socks at low prices, choose Yinuo Kitting, we provide the perfect service for every customer.

Efficient Communication: Our sales experts will help you in every step.



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After-sale Service: If any defects are caused on our side, uniforms shall be replaced free of charge.


Products We Provide

Custom Dress Socks



Custom Athletic Socks



Custom Printed Socks



Custom Midcalf Socks



Custom Knee Socks



Custom Ankle Socks



Custom Baby Socks



All Other Socks



Bulk Socks Wholesale for Men and Women

At, we provide consumers with a unique opportunity to buy wholesale socks in large quantities at prices below retail prices. Whether you stock up wholesale socks for yourself, buy them for the whole family, or equip them for sports teams, the money you save is a lot, whether it's dozens or hundreds. Neither men nor women can have too many pairs of socks unless they can buy them in bulk at a low price.

Low Price and High Quality

Forget about retail stores and their so-called discounts. When customers open an account with us, they know that every item they add to their shopping cart, regardless of the quantity, is lower than the discounted price of a large store.

Wide Selection of Styles

Our socks cradle the foot from toe to heel and circle the ankle with just the right amount of stretch to keep them from slipping down. Either on the field wearing cleats or on the sideline in street shoes, your feet will thank you for wearing our high-performance socks.

Socks for Work, Socks for Play

In the gym, you can choose our sports socks; back to work or on a business trip, you can choose our formal socks! These lightweight calf-up socks can support your feet and legs from dawn to dusk and are also a fashionable height. Smart socks wearers have discovered that these thick and comfortable socks are very suitable for everyday use for everyone with soft feet, poor blood circulation, and thick calves. It is very suitable to spend cold nights under these non-blankets to shrink the foot heater.

Baby Socks

If you want to buy the most comfortable socks for your baby, but you are worried that you can't find them, don't hesitate anymore, come and choose us. Personalized toddler socks are environmental and comfortable, it will better protect the feet of infants, babies, and kids, etc.