Socks Anecdotes

Socks are a small product, but it's not easy. The oldest surviving sock, a pair of wool socks found in Egypt, is 2,500 years old.

The history of humans wearing socks can be traced back to five or six thousand years ago, but the modern sock appeared in 1598. The British invented the hosiery machine, and the first machine-made socks were available.

Dupont invented nylon in 1938, the same year that socks made from nylon filament became an epoch-making product.

The world's most expensive socks - 31,250 euros!For his master was the famous Napoleon!

A pair of silk stockings worn during his exile in St Helena sold for 31,250 euros at Auction-Marines in December 2010. According to the auctioneer, the silk stockings were ivory, with the letter N embroidered with colored thread at the top and a crown. Napoleon's socks belong to historical relics, abnormal commodities.

The highest price ever recorded for a commercial sock is $500.Billed by the New York Post as the world's most expensive sock, it is a hand-knitted pair made by Rodarte and sold at Opening Ceremony for $500. Why is it so expensive? In addition to being handmade, it is made of mohair and alpaca hair.

The largest sock in the world is made of textile rope made of polymer nanomaterials, and its inner support is a simulated leg-shaped structure made of steel reinforcement.

It adopts the "surround type" textile method of silk stockings, with a clear height of 15 meters and a diameter of 2 meters, and 2.5 million turns. It is completed by a team of 100 excellent textile employees of The first line of Rosa, and the product lasts for one month. The creative inspiration for this sock comes from zebra socks, but it is not a kind of sock in the pure sense.

It combines the characteristics of silk socks and cotton socks, integrates the functions of men's socks and women's socks, and is the most representative sock.

The world super giant sock, which has applied for the "Guinness World Record", is a gift from all the staff of Rosa to the first International Sock Culture Festival and becomes a highlight of the event. The first International Sock Culture Festival is also held in its square.

The socks that fly farthest. American astronauts set foot on the moon in socks that travel 380,000 kilometers from earth.

It is said that the yarn can be washed and changed for several months without the occurrence of foot odor because the raw material of the yarn is made of silver fiber produced by The American Nobel Company, bacteria cannot grow and reproduce.

The most high-tech socks. Ioannis Leropoulos's team at the University of the West of England in Bristol, UK, used a tube to power a small microbial fuel cell (MFC) built into a sock.

In laboratory experiments, the system has generated enough electricity to drive a wireless transmitter to send messages about "the world's first wearable microbiofuel cell" every two minutes.

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