Sock care methods and common sense

  1. Whether your stockings are of good quality or poor, soak them with a little salt water before putting them on, and put them in the freezer of the refrigerator. Take it out after about half an hour and let it dry naturally. In this way, the fiber will become more tough and wear-resistant.
  2. Make sure there are no nails or broken skin in the shoes, and it is best to use a cotton pad in the high-heeled shoes to prevent damage. The cotton pad can also prevent moisture and odor.
  3. When walking, try to stay away from branches, weeds and other things that might touch your beautiful legs.
  4. Be careful to wash the stockings separately after passing through. One is to prevent hangers such as zippers on other clothes from damaging it, and the other is to prevent bacteria on the feet from spreading to other clothes. When washing stockings, try to wash by hand, and do not bring bracelets and rings. When washing, be careful not to carry it very hard. Just hold it between the two hands and squeeze out the water slightly, if you don’t like to wash it by yourself, must wash it by machine, you must put it in a stocking bag first.
  5. Ordinary cotton socks should be washed and changed frequently, soak them in clean water for about 2 hours, and then rub them with soap and wash them with hot water, so that the dirt can easily fall off.
  6. Pure stockings, artificial stockings, nylon socks, etc., should be gently rubbed in soapy water or synthetic washing liquid below 40 degrees Celsius when washing, and do not rub hard. Socks should be dried in the shade after washing. Do not expose to the sun and roast.
  7. When washing wool socks, the neutral soap with little alkali should be cut into soap pieces, melted in hot water, wait for the water to cool down, then put the socks in, soak for a while, and then gently rub by hand. For the sock head and sock heel with more dirt, you can rub with some soap until it is clean, rinse it with clean water, squeeze it dry, spread it on the tabletop with your hands, dry it in the air, or use a white cloth cover and dry in the sun.
  8. Dry the washed stockings in a place where there is no direct sunlight. And when it floats, it will not hang on the eaves and something. Exposure will cause great damage to its color and texture.
  9. After washing the socks with washing powder, put them in vinegar and soak for a while, not only can deodorize, but also have a sterilizing effect.

Tip: Clever usage of socks

Many people are very worried about the table and chairs being knocked and damaged. When we buy a table, we start to look around for a suitable table leg cover. But it ’s not too big or too small, or the elastic ring won’t hold the table well. (Also because the feet of dining table are octagonal, and they are particularly large, it is very difficult to buy suitable table leg covers).

But today I saw this ingenious usage and suddenly realized that the best table leg cover is right next to us, especially this white dining table and chair, with the color striped custom socks, it matches very well. After putting on the socks, it is practical and beautiful.

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