Since the pants were short, socks became important

For wearing, if you want to be perfect, you must pay attention to any details. For example, is the hat right? Whether the tie and pocket square match? Should the belt be exposed? And is the socks fashionable enough? Since the pants were short, socks became important.

Many things in the fashion industry don’t understand but it’s amazing. For example, wearing white socks in sandals was the symbol of soil buns five years ago. But in a blink of an eye, everyone in the street started to wear it like this. The same goes for wearing red socks in leather shoes and showing legs after sitting down. If you are still conservative about the concept of socks many years ago, and you only wear black, gray, and blue, three colors of socks in your life, then the following may be a little helpful to you, at least a little more fresh.

First, you can try some different colors, such as same color as brown leather shoes or the same color as neutral gray trousers. You can choose from different color levels, textures, and materials. In principle, it is recommended that all socks must be worn to ensure good texture and frequent changes. Throw loose tissues and hard materials in a timely manner, otherwise, no matter how beautiful the look is, it is useless.

Cotton socks are the most common choice. You can also choose more comfortable cashmere socks, however, knitted socks are also popular now. Contrast color blending, weaving some lively but not too abrupt patterns into it, will be a bit lively overall. It is worth mentioning that  personalized knitting socks are best paired with rough visual pants such as denim, leather, and woolen knitting.

Conservative patterns can be the first step into the fashion world of socks. For example, slightly playful dots, multi-color stripes of similar colors, vertical and horizontal grids, houndstooth patterns, and so on.

Once you accept the fashionable setting, you can start to choose more vivid colors, but it’s best to try the most common patterns mentioned above, as well as designs such as color matching. I understand that is a process of self-education for slovenly guys.

Blue and red color spaced stripes are used the most, and some people like the design of cartoon patterns. Of course, personalized socks are just like a curtain, and have a lot of design space.

Finally, bright yellow, red, lake blue, purple, etc with higher saturation. Monochrome does not have high requirements for footwear. In addition to leather shoes, it can also be paired with sports shoes. But more is the way to wear cropped trousers and pointed lace-up shoes.

Actually, there are not many rules on how to wear personalized socks. If you want to be fashionable and not obtrusive, it is nothing more than two bright colors in the items on your body, unless blended(also has a color cast), the colors should not exceed four, dress up with some accessories, such as the socks and pants have similar plaids(be careful not to be the same), and the color of the socks is the same as the clothes(or accessories such as pocket towels).