See the season and wear socks – spring socks

Spring and winter alternate, the earth rejuvenates, and everything recovers. In nature, the winter coat is taken off. The snow melts to reveal the brown earth. Consistent with nature, the color of socks should also be changed in a timely manner. Use different color combinations to reflect the changes in the season. The colors of spring should be bright and fresh. The right combination can reflect the warm and natural background of spring.

  1. Tights

Tights are the main style of spring socks. Tights that fall on the thinnest part of the leg can show the slenderness of the lower leg. The thickness of the tights should be uniform, with soft colors and a slight luster, and velvet or cotton products are suitable. A petite person who wants to wear a slender feel, choose shoes or boots of the same color as the tights.

  1. Ankle socks

Ankle socks do not have to be worn when wearing trousers. The folds of the ankle socks randomly stacked on the ankle can maximize the layered sense of the lower body. For women with imperfect leg types, ankle socks can also be used to conceal the shortcomings of the lower leg. Generally speaking, spring ankle socks are mainly knitted, and the color should match the whole body clothing. If you wear short boots with ankle socks, choose the same or similar color as the boots, which can also wear the effect of boots.

  1. Long custom cotton socks

Colorful long custom cotton socks are a recent trend. You’re used to looking at black, brown, and white eyes. When you touch such a variety of colors, you immediately lose your eyes. Color socks are as bright as overturning the paint pan, and they are the best gifts for spring. No matter how simple the clothes are, the addition of color socks will make the whole body more colorful.

Spring socks matching scheme:

Option 1: checkered custom cotton socks + red hot pants

The bright checkered custom cotton socks can make your legs look beautiful and bright, and with a pair of simple and exquisite red hot pants, it is more eye-catching and sexy. With a pair of pretty lace-up round toe boots, can make you as beautiful as the elves who fell into the world.

Option 2: Brown ankle socks + light brown boots + white skirt + rose red sweater

The short skirt showed slender legs, and the light brown ankle socks and short boots complement each other. The thin buckle design on the ankle socks is a highlight, and the deliberately piled folds can make the show legs more sexy. The addition of the rose red sweater caters to the breath of spring, make the whole person look charming.

Option 3: black tights + black shorts + black and white striped vest + black trench coat

Simple black and white wear different levels of sense, black shorts and tights are integrated into one, together with a white shirt to create a handsome and natural personality, and then with a naturally drooping silver necklace, more neutral style.

Spring socks with Tips:

  1. Boldly use popular colors, but don't forget the classic black and white series.
  2. Pay attention to the use of fine details and color to adjust the single color.
  3. Use accessories and colors to create a sense of hierarchy.
  4. Loose pants, sleeveless sweaters, split-knee skirts and bloomers are good partners for spring socks.
  5. The material of the clothing should match the texture of the socks, not be too thin.

In the next chapter, we will tell you the matching of summer socks.