Pocket Socks Composition and Advantages

When people go out, are bound to carry pieces of items such as keys, loose change, carrying the way is mostly in the pocket or bag, but people often encounter is not convenient to carry the sundries they need, such as wearing clothes with no pockets, or a pocket of clothes is not suitable for the too many things, or to do outdoor sports, not suitable for handbags, etc., sometimes people have to hold on to bits and pieces, which makes it inconvenient to go out, and it's easy to lose things. Today we recommend a comfortable sock with pockets that can store odds and ends reliably.

The background of the pocket socks

Socks are a kind of clothing item worn on the feet, which protect and beautify the feet. Although socks are only a supporting role, the sensitivity of fashion is no less than. Bright green, exciting pink and purple, vibrant red.

At present, the number of people who are keen on sports is increasing. However, when exercising vigorously, the feet will sweat a lot. If the air in the feet is not in circulation, the soles of the feet will easily produce bacteria, which will lead to symptoms such as beriberi and itching of the feet.

And, when moving, sock and shoe are in ceaseless attrition, add the increase of sweat, the circumstance that can cause socks to slip from heel to sole when moving happens, time grows, the sock can slide to shoe inside, make wear uncomfortable, and affect motion. In particular, the ankle will continue to be squeezed and friction shoes along with the mouth, as a long time will be ankle grinding.

People in sports, usually the body with money, locker keys, and other small items have no place to place, sometimes athletes will be stuffed into the socks, but the items close to the ankle, both uncomfortable, and inconvenient to exercise. In addition, under the action of the human leg and the socks themselves, the edge of the sock entrance is easy to roll outward, so the socks need to be sorted upward from time to time, very troublesome. In this way, convenient and comfortable pocket socks came into being.

The composition of the pocket socks

Pocket socks, including socks body, on the hose body on the ankle with a circle of the elastic ring to tighten the belt, the socks at the bottom of the body, which is situated in the middle of the arch body position also are equipped with elastic bar tighten the belt, referred to the ends of the bar to tighten belt along the sides of their socks body inclined upward extension, tighten the belt at both ends of the bar at the top of the intersection from the middle of the side ring tightening ring.

The inner walls of both sides of the sock body corresponding to the position of the ankle are provided with high-elastic thick flannelette, and the outer walls of both sides of the sock mouth of the sock body are provided with elliptical shape elastic hard pieces; There is a pocket on the outer wall of the upper part of the sock body near the sock mouth.

The advantages of the pocket socks

1.Pocket socks There is a pocket on the outer wall of the sock for putting small items.

The annular tightening belt on the sock body ensures that the sock will not slip, and the strip-shaped tightening belt makes the sock tightly tied to the foot. The two ends of the strip-shaped tightening belt are connected to the front side of the annular tightening belt, thus having a certain lifting effect and preventing the front end of the sock foot from moving.

2.Socks have good air permeability, and foot sweat is easy to evaporate and escape from the mesh, which reduces the accumulation of sweat in socks and reduces the occurrence of bacterial breeding.

3.The thick flannel cloth set at the ankle corresponding to the human foot can effectively prevent the shoe from squeezing and rubbing the ankle along the mouth to protect the ankle.

4.The elastic hard pieces on the outer wall of both sides of the sock mouth solve the problem that the edge of the sock is easy to roll when wearing, and play a role in preventing and preventing the hem of the sock.

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