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Men's socks can reflect a man's taste just like men's underwear. Men's personalized socks especially have such a function. Do you know how to match with men's personalized socks? Next, let's talk about how to choose men's personalized socks and matching men's personalized socks.

1. Personalized Socks for Men selection

(1) Socks style

The common socks styles on the market are generally divided into 4 types of invisible socks (boat socks), socks, mid-tube socks, and long-tube socks.

The length of the invisible socks is below the ankle, and the main function is to absorb sweat and improve comfort. Especially suitable for matching with cropped trousers in spring or summer, exposing the ankles, and pairing with sneakers gives people a refreshing feeling. If you like a little British yuppie style, also wear Oxford shoes.

Socks and tube socks, these two kinds of socks are more suitable for matching sneakers for free exercise. Don't wear them when wearing leather shoes, because they are not long enough and the skin will be exposed. It looks a bit sloppy and has no texture at the same time. So when matching leather shoes, either wear invisible socks or stockings.

(2) Socks fabric and workmanship

Many people think that too thick socks will make them airtight. In fact, the breathability of thick socks will not make much difference. On the contrary, because the socks are too thin, the sweat absorption effect is poor, so that the feet are wrapped in sweat and stuffed in the shoes for a long time, resulting in athlete's foot. Thick socks absorb sweat better, but make the feet drier and more durable. At the same time, socks that are too thin have no texture and look very cheap visually.

Cotton is the first choice for the fabric, which is skin-friendly and has good sweat absorption effect. For friends who are afraid of cold, you can also choose wool socks in winter.

In addition to the fabric, the workmanship of the socks is also very important.

(3) Details of the socks

The workmanship of the following details can improve its durability and comfort.

① Threaded seaming should be used for the sock mouth. Compared with ordinary seaming, it has better wrapping and less deformation. At the same time, for invisible socks, the socks are too low and easy to fall off. It is recommended to buy silicone anti-skid clauses on the heel.

② Thicken the worn soles and toes, but generally use a sparse weave on the instep, which can ensure that it still has good air permeability after thickening.

③Hand stitching should be used at the toe joints, as opposed to mechanical stitching. It is smoother and the side stitches are more suitable for the toes, and the upper foot is more comfortable.

2. Personalized Socks for Men looks

(1) The same color collocation

Whether it is a solid color or a printed socks, choosing shoes or pants with similar colors is the simplest but most practical way to match. If you like to wear white socks, you must prepare a pair of white shoes in winter.

However, for small partners with thick legs, white or printed models are not recommended. White is an expanded color. If the printed models are deformed, the legs will look thicker. Especially the striped models. Personally recommend black socks, which are slimmer.

(2) Highlight matching

This matching method is especially suitable for those who like to dress simple. When you only match one or two colors all over your body, it looks rather monotonous, a pair of personalized socks can immediately make the overall match more interesting and layered.

However, when choosing Sao socks, try to avoid fluorescent colors. Although fluorescent colors are good enough, they are too dazzling, and low-saturated colors will look more comfortable after getting on your feet.

In winter, I recommend the following muffled colors: ginger, wine red, dark green, dark purple, and dark khaki. In addition to solid colors, in terms of printed patterns, printed socks are more elegant. The background color is black or gray printing style, which is easier to match with your feet.

(3) Different styles

There are also differences in the choice of individual socks for different styles.

①Japanese style socks

The color of choice for Japanese-style personalized socks must be soft and bright white.

In addition to using the same color method, we can also use the contrast method to harmoniously match white socks. For example: the upper body or the clothes on the inside are white.

Although the Japanese are mainly white socks, black socks are recommended when matching the Japanese workwear style, which looks more rigid. At the same time, when matching leather shoes, it is also recommended to wear dark socks. White socks with leather shoes are too difficult to control.

②Retro sports style socks

Like the Japanese, the retro sports style is mainly white socks, but the style is a bit different.
Japanese styles are generally dominated by solid colors, but retro sports style socks generally have a striped design on the socks. To enhance the visual sense of movement.

Retro style socks

This kind of crude American retro style, the first choice for socks is the ethnic style socks woven with thick threads, which are rugged and retro at the same time. It is a very good choice to wear with work boots.

④British/formal style socks

White socks are the absolute no-go zone for these two styles. In addition to white, the two styles have a wide range of options for socks. If you like the texture a little, you can choose black or dark gray. If you like Mensao's British atmosphere, you can choose dark green socks. Mingsao will come with a pair of diamond-shaped print socks.

Although most socks can basically be matched with these two styles, long stockings must be selected when the length of the socks is used.

④Street trendy style socks

The most important thing for street style is to show your own personality, so when it comes to socks selection, it will be more inclined to trendy brand printed socks with more personality.

After reading the above introduction, do you have your own experience on the selection and matching of men's personalized socks? Men's personalized socks can be customized in addition to buying in the store, which is more in line with your own wishes.

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