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The crew socks are the most widely used socks in the socks. The length of the crew socks determines that the number of customized socks is many times that of other socks. The crew socks can be used for daily use and are also ideal for work and certain sports activities. Of course, they are also very good. Suitable for interesting marketing activities, sports teams, corporate uniforms, etc.

Crew socks are cut between the ankle and mid-calf length, typically ending under the calf muscle. This cut is most often used in casual socks, though athletic socks and dres's socks also come in this length. Crew socks are the most common length and pair well with any boot or shoe.

Crew socks are everyday socks. They're comfy, adaptable, versatile, and utilitarian, the kind of item you grab without thought, like your standard pair of underwear. Believe it or not, of all the socks you can name and pick from; crew socks are the most popular garment in the sock industry. Can you picture a crew sock? Sometimes we're absent-minded about the items that give us the most regular use. Crew socks are generally ribbed at the ankles, and they are thick socks.

The matching of crew socks and shoes

Casual wear: Crew socks + Chelsea boots, Chukka boots, sneakers

Dres's wear: Crew socks + Oxfords, brogues

Active-wear: Crew socks + Running shoes

Weight lifting: Crew socks + Running shoes

Hiking: Crew socks + Hiking boots

Material of crew socks

The crew socks can be knitted or printed. Knitted crew socks are the traditional craft of knitting exquisite graphic designs and patterns; printed crew socks are very suitable for detailed designs with multiple colors.

Crew socks customization

STEP1 Submit Information
Email us the description or photo of your socks.

STEP2 Quote
We will give you the quotation within 24 hours.

STEP3 Place Order
Email us the final design, and provide the detailed requirements.

STEP4 Mockup Approval and Pay
You will receive an official PI and mock-up for approval to make payment.

STEP5 Production
Once you place an order, our production department will take every pair of your socks seriously.

STEP6 Shipping
DHL/FedEx/UPS will send your customized socks to anywhere in the world within 2-5 days.