Personalised Mens Socks, Mens Socks Matching Skills

Many dressing guides on the Internet are written for girls, and few are written specifically for boys, let alone men's socks matching guides. This article tells you how to match men's socks, including personalized men's socks.

Do you feel that sometimes matching clothes and shoes always feel like missing something? Yes, you lack a bright spot, a bright spot that can change the overall image-socks. Come and take a look at the super practical guide for boys' socks!

What are the classifications of personalised mens socks?

The easiest way to look at the length!

Men's socks length classification

The order is boat socks, short socks, middle socks, and stockings.

The shortest is the boat socks, also called invisible socks, which originated in Japan. It is commonly used with various canvas shoes, board shoes, and sports shoes. Generally, there are more ways to wear exposed ankles and trousers.

Boat socks match

Followed by the socks that grow to the ankles, which are commonly found in various sport's shoes and sneakers.

Socks match

Then there is a mid-sock with a length that covers the ankle, one of the socks that is easy to match with.

Middle socks match

Finally, there are stockings, most of which go to the middle of the calf. They are commonly found in black business men's socks, simple casual white socks, and trendy jacquard styles (personalised mens socks styles).


What are the matching skills of personalised mens socks?

Men's socks matching skills are mainly introduced from two aspects: color matching skills and style skills.

Personalised mens socks color matching skills

1. Black, white and gray socks, black and white and gray shoes

Socks color matching skills one

2. In terms of socks color, white is the most versatile, followed by black. So there must be black and white!

Socks color matching skills two

3. If the color of the socks is not black, white, and gray, they should echo the colors of other clothing.

4. Echoing refers to the echoing of the colors of socks and shoes, clothes, or accessories.

Socks color matching skills three

5. The echo color can refer to the complementary color, contrast color, medium color, similar color, similar color, and the same color of the color circle.

6. The smaller the angle of the echo color, the less likely it is to make mistakes, so the same color echo is the safest.

Socks color matching skills four

7. The most common is the color echo of socks and tops, followed by the color echo of socks and accessories.

Socks color matching skills five

8. Except for black, white, and gray, shoes and socks are generally not recommended to have the same color.

Socks color matching skills six

9. If the colors of shoes and pants are relatively dark, you can use the color of socks to brighten them.

Socks color matching skills seven

10. The shoes and socks are dark in color, which will have a high effect.

Socks color matching skills eight

Personalised mens socks style skills

1. Boat socks are suitable for almost all shoes, except mid-to-high shoes.

Socks style skill one

2. Socks are not suitable for leather shoes, and leather shoes generally choose stockings.

Socks style skills two

3. The middle socks don't choose shoes, but they should be matched with appropriate styles and colors.

Socks style skills three

4. There are three common stockings, among which black and white socks must be available!

Socks style tips four

5. Canvas shoes are often matched with boat socks, short socks, and middle socks.

Socks style tips five

6. The board shoes are the most versatile and can be matched with various lengths of socks.

Socks style tips six

7. Sports shoes are often matched with socks, middle socks, and stockings.

Socks style skills seven

8. Leather shoes are often matched with boat socks and stockings.

Socks style tips eight

9. Complicated shoes, socks should not be as complicated as possible, except for trendy styles.

Socks style tips nine

10. There are niche styles of socks such as snowflake socks, yuppie socks, and retro ethnic socks, which are commonly paired with jogging shoes, leather shoes, and work shoes respectively.

The above is the personalized men's socks matching skills. After reading it, is it a good experience for socks matching? Don't hurry up and collect them and have fun wearing them.

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