Over-Knee Socks Introduction and Matching Skills

Over-knee socks (over-the-knee socks), also known as knee socks, thigh socks, are a type of socks in clothing.

Introduction of over-knee socks

As the name implies, over-the-knee socks refer to a type of stockings that extend beyond the knee to the thigh and are a common dress for women in daily life or cosplay.

Over-the-knee socks are also very common in ACGN works, with a variety of colors and styles, including monochrome white and black socks, striped thigh socks with two or more colors mixed, etc. Putting two different color over-the-knee socks on your feet (or other types of socks) can become mandarin duck socks.

Over-the-knee socks are also one of the conditions for shaping the absolute field. It should be noted that the artificial knee socks are strictly not over-knee socks, but pantyhose.

Material of over-knee socks

The material of over-the-knee socks is quite diverse, including cotton, nylon, velvet, etc. Over-the-knee socks used in the absolute field are generally subject to velvet, but the knee socks of other materials have gradually been accepted by the public after the popularity.

In terms of materials, velvet has the best visual effect, but it is easy to slip off. If you add a sling, it will be a little sloppy; Modal material has a good luster, but it will be a little wrinkled when it has poor elasticity; although cotton is the most comfortable and recognized, it will feel a bit rough when viewed closely.

How to prevent knee socks from slipping?

Some over-the-knee socks have done a good job in the anti-skid cuff, but some have done poorly, and the socks have become looser for a while. Therefore, when wearing over-the-knee socks, it is easy to encounter the problem of socks falling. Especially when walking fast and running, it is easier to fall off. And on the street or in public places, you will feel embarrassed to lift socks again and again.

In response to this problem, many people have used various anti-skid methods. There are local methods of doing it yourself, as well as (looks like) professional methods. E.g:

Prevent Over-knee socks from falling off local method

1. Use a coin to roll down from the end of the cuff, then tighten the cuff.
2. Sew a rubber band or elastic band inside the cuff, then tighten the cuff. Because the rubber band is elastic, you can adjust the length according to your leg circumference.
3. Tie the cuff with small accessories that can be covered, then tighten the cuff.

Prevent Over-knee socks from falling off professional method

1. Use sock glue, which is a special anti-adhesive for over-knee socks, and apply it to the position of the cuff on the thighs, which can firmly fix the cuff without leaving traces on the appearance.
2. Use elastic leg loops to tighten the cuff. If you don't want the foot ring to be too conspicuous, choose a simple, narrow, and same color foot ring
3. Use a sling.
4. If it is really troublesome, just wear fake knee socks.
Among the above methods, the use of sock glue is a more practical method.

Over-knee socks matching skills

1.Over-the-knee socks + nine-point wide-leg trousers:
Black lace edge ribbon over knee socks can choose a dark color or directly black nine-point wide-leg pants, which can not only produce a hazy artistic sense but also can bring the casual lightness of wide-leg pants.
2.Over-the-knee socks + mid-length sweater:
A small fresh mid-length sweater with knee socks can fully show your style and temperament.
3.Over-the-knee socks + denim jacket:
The softness of the over-the-knee socks, coupled with the wildness of the denim, has a visual effect of both internal and external repair, rigidity, and softness.

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