Top 10 Wholesale Sock Manufacturers in China

Imagine relaxing in bed on a winter night wearing your favorite pair of warm socks! Is it a very happy thing? Socks are indispensable clothes in our daily life, but they are also an easily overlooked thing.

China has become the largest exporter of the hosiery industry. There are thousands of sock factories in China, and the massive output of the factories meets 90% of global demand.

Want to import socks from the best socks factory in China? This article introduces the top 10 wholesale sock manufacturers in China.

How to find the best wholesale socks, manufacturers

When buying wholesale socks, consider the key factors such as price, color scheme, pattern, type, material, and size. In addition, it is necessary to understand export tax fees, transportation, delivery, and other logistics.

Here are some useful tips to help you search for the best socks manufacturer for your business:

online search

Comprehensive Internet research should be your first step in finding your ideal socks manufacturer. Check out a reliable website that meets your needs.

Participate in local trade fairs

Participating in trade fairs in your country is a great way to conduct offline market research. Such events provide you with ample opportunities to meet and establish contacts with the best business owners in your industry.

Where can I find a small batch of socks manufacturer?

Besides Yinuo, Some of the top companies that offer customization and even private labeling of socks are Okay Socks, Kaite Socks, and Meet Socks in China; Inanc Textile Limited in Turkey; and Sobex, Madison Hosiery in the west.

Top 10 Wholesale Sock Manufacturers in China

1. Meet Socks

Meet Socks currently has more than 14 years of experience serving both brands and importers. The seller has a diverse catalog. Some of the products sold by the company include custom no-show socks, custom dress socks, custom crew socks, etc.

The sock manufacturer offers a private labeling service. The company can help with your brand promotion by putting your business brand on the products they deliver.

Meet Socks is one of the few sock manufacturers offering to use the clients’ approved design to produce socks for the client.

2. Cn-Sock

Cn-Sock is one of the sock manufacturers based in China offering high-quality products at a competitive price. The manufacturer has a wide range of products, including kids’ socks, ladies' socks, and men’s socks.

The company has been producing socks for more than 10 years now. Currently, Cn-Sock serves customers based in the US, Japan, Russia, Britain, France, Italy, Australia, and other countries. The seller’s customer support team is very responsive.

3. Kaite Socks 

This sock manufacturer can produce customized socks for more than 2000 corporate customers each year. The manufacturer specializes in outdoor socks, compression socks, fashion socks, and athletic socks.

The company works with a customer to ensure that they produce what the customer is looking for. Kaite Socks has a very responsive customer support team.

Emails are replied to within a period of three hours. The sock manufacturer has been producing socks for more than 10 years now.

4. China Socks Manufacturer 

This one of the few sock manufacturers based in China, offering competitive prices, fast delivery, and high-quality products. If you do own a brand, the company can put your logo on the products they produce for you.

The manufacturer is also willing to use custom designs to produce socks for clients. The seller does have quite extensive catalog. Some of the products you can source from the sock manufacturer include baby socks, children socks, tights socks, women’s socks, etc.

5. Zhejiang Socks

This sock manufacturer has been in business for close to 2 decades. The company opened its doors back in 2000. Zhejiang Socks focuses on the production of a wide range of socks.

You can order some of the products, including women's socks, men's socks, baby socks, and children's socks. The company indicates that the majority of the products they produce are exported to the US, EU, Japan, and Canada.

Buyers can expect competitive prices, high-quality products, and attractive designs.


If you have a retail store and are interested in selling a unique and quality item we think our socks are for you! YINUO KNITTING socks are the socks expert of high-quality & funky socks; with tacos, cupcakes, ninjas, mustaches, unicorns, and other magical things. Here at Yinuo Socks, we continually strive to make quality products with your unique and original designs, while providing value and top-notch customer service. We honestly love our socks, and hope you do too!

7. Haining Yueli Socks

The last manufacturer that is worthy enough to be on this list is Haining Yueli Socks. The best thing about this manufacturer is that they offer cheap prices and lower MOQ when compared to the rest. Plus, they have an amazing quality.

8. Shanghai Saco Knitting

Shanghai Saco Knitting is a leading supplier for many famous brands all over the world. The company supplies its products to countries like the UK, America, and Spain. A wide variety of socks types is available by this manufacturer.

9. Mr. Mouse

Mr. Mouse is a wholesaler and drop shipper from China, which you can find in AliExpress. It has a rating of 98.2% and an above-average rating for communication, item as described, and shipping speed.

The products sold here are:

  • School socks
  • Black socks
  • Office socks
  • Women’s socks
  • Ankle socks
  • Leg socks

The company offers incredible prices. You can buy 10 pairs for only $21.63. Shipping is free to the United States via AliExpress Standard Shipping.

The seller also offers a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. What this means is that you can ask for a refund within that period. Another great thing is that it offers a free return within 15 days with no questions asked.

Mr. Mouse has a sale all the time. If you are a wholesaler, you can take advantage of this sale as you can buy the socks at a 30% discount. Most of the reviews for the company are 5 stars, which tells you that the socks here are of good quality.


Also found in AliExpress, you can buy socks from this supplier for as low as $4.46. This price is per lot, not per pair. Each lot is made of five pairs.

The company’s rating is 98.3%, and it is located in China. All the other performance metrics of the company are above average. This store has 9,612 followers.

The socks you will find here are:

  • Women’s socks
  • Men’s socks
  • Foot liners
  • Stockings
  • Funny socks
  • Casual and office socks

As a first-time buyer, you can get special discounts. These are:

  • $7 if you spend $99
  • $3 if you spend $59
  • $2 if you spend $39
  • $1 if you spend $10

The company also offers sales on many items at any given time of the year. The shipping is free if you use ePacket, but you also have the option to eight other shipping methods. If shipping to the US, the most expensive shipping cost is $47.93 through FedEx, but this still takes 10 days to ship.

If you are a drop-shipper, you have to seriously consider this supplier. You can buy one pair only and they will send the product to your buyer. They also offer returns and refunds.