Note for Wholesale Socks

Wholesale socks can buy the quantity you want at the right price, you can wear them yourself or resell them to others. But there are so many sources on the Internet, do you know what to pay attention to when wholesale socks are not easy to be deceived?

Many people feel that the quality of online wholesale socks is difficult to guarantee and even talks about it, they have added the label of "poor quality" to online goods. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. I believe that as long as you are a business person, they are not willing to only do one-time business. Therefore, as long as everyone is careful and accumulates some experience, the quality of the supply can be completely controlled.

The first-step: hope

What is "wang"? It is to look more, look at what, look at the pictures. When you look at a better sock style, you must first look at the pictures. When looking at the pictures, you should not only look at the design drawings but also look at the actual shots. Generally, you can see the effect from several angles, such as flat, hanging, socks, and stitches, so that you can see the details. There is still a big gap between the physical drawing and the design drawing, but overall It's not too bad to say it badly.

The second-step: smell

What is "smell"? It is to understand more horizontally and vertically. Longitudinal understanding is to take a look at the store you are fancying more and see if the other products in his house are good or not. There are not many real shots. Look at whether there are any purchase instructions for buyers in his home. For example, some very careful suppliers will explain the discount rules, shipping rules, refund rules, etc. clearly; you can also see if his family has blogs Whatever, get to know the supplier from the side; these details will remind you whether the supplier you are looking at is an excellent supplier.

To understand horizontally, just look at other homes. For example, if the socks you are looking at are short socks, then use this word to search again to see if the real shots of other homes are better, if the information is more abundant, and so on.

The three-step: ask

After completing the above two parts, I should have been more clear in my heart, now I will enter the important part, ask. what? Ask about material and workmanship. It is necessary to ask whether polyester-cotton or pure cotton, and there are many ways in pure cotton (combed cotton, mercerized cotton, etc.), this is a very deep knowledge, and it is not clear in a few words. In the process, printing, hot stamping, and sequins are different.

1. Ask about the quality of cotton. What kind of cotton are the socks of the street stall, and how do they feel?
2. Ask the price clearly. Whether it can be discounted for large quantities, how much is the difference between the received goods and the pictures, etc? This requires years of accumulation in the industry, so the purpose of this link is to learn this information from the supplier, and it can also be regarded as evidence. After all, it is said from the supplier's own mouth. If you deceive others, you will also have a chat record. For reference.

Here is a special reminder that people should keep in mind: you pay for what you pay for, don’t just recognize bargains. The key is to see what you expect in your heart. At this price and quality, you think it’s OK. Don’t imagine spending 10 yuan to buy goods worth 100 yuan.

The four-step: cut

What is cut? This is what needs to be finalized at the final trading juncture.

1. Arrange the rules of return and exchange with the supplier in advance, such as when the goods can be exchanged and under what circumstances, these must be agreed upon in advance.

2. The first time you can try to take less, if the first time is OK, the next long-term cooperation.

The combination is looking, smelling, asking, and cutting. Everyone keeps these four points in mind and follows this method in the actual process. I believe you will not worry about the word quality anymore!

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