No show socks-Ultra-thin breathable, absolutely invisible

Speaking of summer, the first thing I think of is watermelon, and then it must be no show! The summer is bright, the weather is just right, and it is time to go out wearing single shoes. Put on a pair of beautiful single shoes, cool and light, easy to wear out of fashion.

At this time, what most tests us is often the socks. Walking barefoot without socks, it hurts feet and makes you feeling pain after a long time; for safety, wear pair of socks, not only sweating hot, but also showing the edge of the socks, it really ruins the image! Compared to socks and stockings, invisible socks have the feeling of "the emperor's new clothes". Of course, this "new dress" is the same as not wearing it! So for summer, personalized no show socks are really a perfect match!

The socks are the most familiar to the feet, and the socks are always the ones that are not enough. This summer, we need a pair of personalized invisible socks to match your own preferences and to be an exquisite girl.

What are invisible socks?

Invisible socks have risen since the 1980s. A lot of styles have been changed since then, mainly used to match skateboarding suits, followed by shorts or skirts.

Some girls wear invisible socks because they want to fully show the curve of the legs. The extra socks are not good-looking, so they wear invisible socks. They are usually worn during sports or sports and leisure styles, usually with shorts or hot pants.

Invisible socks originally originated in Japan and were used to wear bare feet in the house. Now they are popular all over the world. It is a kind of sock that opens at the instep of the foot. After wearing it, it looks like a boat, hence the name "invisible socks"

Collocation experts, rely on it in summer

The small details on the socks are specially tailored for Asians' foot shapes. They are worn on the feet obediently and will not slip off any movement. It can match almost all high-heeled shoes, casual shoes, leather shoes and sports shoes, suitable for men and women.

I believe everyone has had an embarrassing experience of sliding socks to the bottom of the foot on the road. This sock has a silicone anti-slip pad specially added to the heel to securely fix the sock to the foot so that the heel will not fall even when you pull it.

Walking outside, even if you sweat, it is not easy to slip off, no need to sneak off your shoes to organize, farewell to the summer embarrassment!

The weather is hot and easy to sweat. In addition, the rainy season leads to a humid climate in some areas, which provides a good living space for fungi, so it is more prone to foot odor, itching, peeling and other diseases. And the invisible socks fabric is super thin and light, will breathe! The breathability of socks not only affects comfort but also affects health. Some custom invisible socks have reached the level of household bedding, breathable and perspiration is satisfactory. Even wearing air-tight leather shoes is as comfortable as stepping on cotton, without feeling sultry and sticky at all. After a day, I was so light and breathable that I forgot to wear socks.

The custom sock manufacturer has also prepared a variety of colors for the ladies who love beauty to suit different occasions: elegant and playful pink, classic and easy matching black, pure and flawless white, gentle and indifferent gray, suitable for mature skin color, etc. . It can be seen that the exquisite lace pattern on the invisible socks not only shows the beautiful and intellectual aspect of women, but also more like small embellishments so that the socks are no longer monotonous.