New socks

Should we wash the newly bought socks? This is a question that many people feel confused. Some people think that the socks are new and there is no need to wash them, and some people think that there is a lot of dust on the socks that need to be cleaned.

  1. Do we need to wash the new socks?

1)The newly bought socks are recommended to be cleaned. Because even new socks will have a lot of dust deposited on the socks during the transportation and production process. And it doesn’t take us too much time to wash the socks. Therefore, we can clean it after we buy it back!

2)Some people say that the processing of socks cannot be done in a dust-free environment. Just imagine, these raw materials may be piled up in an unclean environment, and the socks may be stacked in an unclean environment after processing, so it must be To be cleaned. So the question is, how to wash the socks? The washing process of the new socks is very simple. Just add a little laundry detergent to the socks and rub them. In this way, the dust on the surface of the socks can be removed.

3)Most of the time, the socks that are washed are not new socks, but socks after wearing them. Some people have sweaty feet and athlete's foot, so their socks are smelly and dirty, which makes washing them more troublesome. How to wash the socks? At this time, you need to soak them in detergent for a while, so that it is easier to wash them. If you do have athlete's foot, you have to consider the problem of bacterial growth. In this way, the socks should be soaked in disinfectant after washing. However, if it is not for white socks, you can't do this, just wash it with washing powder and dry it.

  1. How to wash the newly bought socks will not be hard?

1) The socks will become hard after washing because of the aging of the fiber and the deposition of impurities. In the absence of softener, you can boil it with boiling water and washing powder for 20 minutes, and then wash it and it will be soft as new.

2)Put a little vinegar to soak in the last wash, or soak it in the Water washed with rice and then wash it, and then dry it to keep it soft.

Regardless of whether the stockings are of good quality or poor quality, they are soaked with a little salt water before they are worn, and then placed in the freezer of the refrigerator for about half an hour, and then taken out and allowed to dry naturally, so that the fiber will become more Strong and wearable.

  1. How to wash socks quickly?

1) Wash frequently-wash as soon as you take it off. At this time, the dirt and dander on the socks are still not dry, and the cleanest is the best.

2) Hand wash-do not wash in a washing machine, no matter what kind of socks, whether you put a laundry bag or not, socks are best to be washed by hand.

3)Wash both sides-wash the inside first, turn the socks over and soak them with water. Smear a little with laundry soap, liquid laundry detergent or detergent, gently rub it until foam is formed, turn it over and rub it gently on the key areas, the five toes and the stained areas. Then stop for about 10 minutes and wait until the dirt and chemicals on the socks have fully reacted. Generally, at this time, you can go to bath and make a mask, and then rinse repeatedly with water until the rinse water is clean and without foam. Then take it to dehydration and drying.

4) Be careful not to wash socks and underwear together. Don't wash it with things that easily fade. After being washed and dehydrated, hang it on a ventilated and dry balcony to allow it to fully dry while eliminating bacteria on it.

5) Socks are made of cotton, acrylic, silk, bamboo fiber and other materials. Regardless of the material and color, as long as the above points can be achieved, they will be washed very clean.

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