Mid-Socks Collocation Principle

Mid-socks (also named knee socks) are only a kind of socks that only reach the knees or below the knees. It is standard equipment for school uniforms in many areas. Most are made of cotton or nylon. The length of the mid-sock is about the middle of the calf. When worn, it covers half of the calf.

Mid-socks are standard equipment for school uniforms in many regions. A few school regulations stipulate that cotton mid-socks are mostly used for boys and girls with student uniforms, mainly in dark colors (such as black and dark blue) and white, depending on school regulations or school styles are popular.

The mid-socks are suitable for wearing nine-point pants, which can modify the leg shape. The general skirt and boots will look better. If the weather turns hot, then wearing boots will cause you to suffer. Therefore, wearing black mid-socks is the same as boots. On the other hand, is to chase fashion. Now more popular five-point pants, this kind of pants with boots is a bit top-heavy, with shallow shoes all the legs are exposed outside, so it is suitable to match with mid-socks.

The mid-socks can be matched with cropped trousers. If you are working in an office environment, wearing a suit cropped trousers, you can match the skin color or black stockings. This can not only maintain comfort in an air-conditioned environment but also avoid the etiquette problem of exposing socks. Make the overall dress elegant and decent, comfortable and generous.

Similarly, mid-socks with a long skirt are also a good choice.

Mid-socks Collocation

1.Black sweater + red and white mid-socks

The color matching of the red and white stripes creates a higher appearance rate of the mid-socks. Matched with the black sweater with a very cute red rabbit printed on the sweater. The color matching just echoed well, looks harmonious and individual.

2. Beige sweater + red and white mid-socks

It is still the red and white striped mid-socks, but a little more stylish, because the socks are also printed with letters, so they look very fashionable. With the beige sweater, it looks very cute. Especially the printed design makes people look younger.

3. Down jacket + yellow and white mid-socks

Even in winter, you can't forget the existence of mid-socks. With white as the background color, and the striped design just changed to goose yellow, the light goose yellow with the off-white down jacket is really super fresh, the whole look looks very pure and very college style.

4. Yellow T-shirt + red and white mid-socks

Paired with a primrose yellow T-shirt, it is called an eye-catching, plus a purple letter print, the color contrast adds a sense of design, with red and white stripes mid-socks are also really a favorite.

5.Blue T-shirt + blue and white mid-socks

With a blue tone, it has a small blue fresh vision and a little more fashion sense. This blue is not a common light blue, but a blue with higher saturation, so it has a higher eye-catching value and a low repetition rate, so it will look more stylish. The whole match is the same color match, which looks more coordinated, but it is also very layered.

6.Stage look: wine red mid-socks

The wine red mid-socks designed by bling-bling sequins, the color just compares with the wine red shirt, plus the black wild and thin effect. So the whole outfit is very fashionable and very eye-catching. Has a good slimming effect.

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