Mid-calf Socks Suitable for Occasions and Matching Skills

Mid-calf socks, as the name suggests, a sock that reaches only to the knee or below the knee, and the length are about the middle of the shank (between stocking and ankle socks, shorter than knee-high socks. Knee-high socks are shorter than over the knee socks, and over the knee-high socks shorter than stocking). And Mid-calf socks are worn with half of the shank covered. Most are made of cotton or nylon.

Mid-calf socks are suitable for the occasion

Mid-calf socks are the standard equipment of the school uniform of many areas, a few school rules do not divide the schoolboy or schoolgirl to match the student uniform is cotton mid-calf socks mostly, with brunet (be like black, dark blue) and white gives priority to, depending on the school rules or ethos.

Mid-calf Socks suitable for wear in ninth-pants wear can rise to decorate the effect of the legs. Generally speaking, skirt collocation boots can let a person more good-looking, if you wear them when the weather turns hot, you will be tired and hot. But a dress with black mid-calf socks is like wearing boots, which makes you look good and cool.

On the other hand is the pursuit of fashion, more popular fifth pants now, this kind of pants with boots a bit top-heavy feeling, with shallow shoes all bare legs in the outside, so match this kind of socks again appropriate, however.

Mid-calf socks can be paired with fifth pant, seventh pants ninth pants. If you're working in an office setting, wear a suit with cropped trousers and pair them with light or black medium-length mid-calf socks. This will keep you comfortable in an air-conditioned environment, also avoids the etiquette problem of exposing the socks. Make overall dress collocation elegant and decent, comfortable and generous.

Likewise, mid-calf socks are a good choice with a long skirt.

Mid-calf socks detailed collocation

Socks are our daily wear the necessary items, although small, but can not be ignored, Mid-calf socks are now very popular socks, so how to match mid-calf socks?

1.Match one: Black mid-calf socks + white sneakers + black ripped denim skirt + red blouse

Black mid-calf socks can be worn with any outfit or shoe. Of course, can be paired with a pair of white sneakers, a ripped black denim skirt, and a red blouse, it's very vibrant with black and red.

2.Match two: Yellow mid-calf socks + black sandals + light green print dress

Yellow mid-calf socks with a pair of black sandals, the upper body with a light green print dress, stylish and very personalized.

3.Match three: Yellow mid-calf socks + black platform shoes + navy blue vertical stripe wrap skirt + dark green hoodie

It is very fashionable to wear middle tube socks with the skirt, yellow mid-calf socks with a pair of black platform shoes, the upper body with a dark green hoodie, the lower body with a navy blue vertical stripe cover skirt, fashion and generous.

4.Match four: Beige mid-calf socks + white Oxford shoes + brown check shorts + white sweater

Beige mid-calf socks are also a good match, with a pair of white Oxford shoes, with a pair of brown check shorts, the upper body with a white sweater, color matching is fresh and stylish, handsome.

5.Match five: Black and white striped mid-calf socks + white leg pants + grey T-shirt + denim shirt

The denim shirt is very fashionable, casual clothing, with a gray T-shirt inside, the lower body with a pair of white leg pants, matching black and white stripes mid-calf socks, and then with a pair of white sneakers, sports style is full.

6.Match six: Yellow mid-calf socks + black high-top sneakers + brown corduroy pants + black leather jacket + black and white striped T-shirt

Wear a black and white striped T-shirt under a small black leather jacket, and pair it with brown corduroy pants and black high-top sneakers, match yellow mid-calf socks, can carry bright whole collocation.

With all these tips on how to match a pair of mid-calf socks, have you ever felt the urge to buy your own mid-calf socks? If you feel that the mid-calf socks on the market are not personalized and stylish enough, you can choose the custom mid-calf socks.

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